Getting clients

by Ana Fonseca
(Miami , Fl )

Besides networking .. visiting their offices, how else can you attract their business? When you close the collections month, how do you bill the physicians? What payments methods are accepted in the industry?

Thank you for sharing your experiences and this wonderful page, it’s very kind of you sharing this information.

God bless


Thanks for your question Ana. Besides all the methods you mentioned above, I’ve heard billing services have success by offering a free training session for a practices office – like a lunch-and-learn 30 minute to hour informal presentation on topics related to billing. This can be issues such as dealing with rejected claims, best office practices, HIPAA compliance, patient privacy – or a combination of these.

If you bring free food you get a lot better participation and the office staff and manager are usually very appreciative. The provider may even participate. It may cost for this type of marketing but it can be very effective and establish you as an expert or go-to for billing issues.

With regard to how you bill the provider and get paid – we send clients an invoice based on reports in the practice management software (billing software) that show payments posted. We typically request payment within a week of invoice and are almost always paid by check.

Hope this answers your questions – Thanks!

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