Pricing for Claims Editing, Resolution, and Insurance Verification

I have a potential client that is requested claim scrubbing resolutions (only corrections on claims submission errors) and insurance verification on the benefit level. Not sure how to charge them for these services. Any suggestions? thanks

Would suggest charging on a per claim or hourly basis. You may want to estimate the scope of this effort and determine how much time is required for each claim. Investigating claim errors can sometimes be very time consuming.

Sometimes you have to pull patient records, call insurance payers, or even call the patient if their insurance info in incorrect. If it looks like it’s going to be very labor intensive, I would suggest charging a reasonable hourly rate.

Thanks for your question. Sorry response wasn’t more timely as we are just now working through a large backlog of submissions in the last few months.

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Apr 04, 2018

Hourly Rates
by: Anonymous

I think many of us wonders what a “reasonable hourly rate” would be. I have heard that an hourly rate less than $24.00 is under charging. I think many of us would like to know what others are charging, if this can be done anonymously.

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