Medical Billing From Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s our most asked questions about medical billing from home and at home medical billing services for those wishing to take a less conventional medical billing career path.

Can you write off any home expenses
You can deduct a percentage of home expenses like utilities and maintenance that’s proportional to the size of your home office with respect to your total home square footage. Its a good idea to consult with an accountant to learn the specific IRS rules and requirements for deducting home office expenses.

How do you balance family and work with a job medical billing from home?
This can be a challenge – especially if you have kids at home during the day. You really have to be disciplined and set boundaries between work and home.

I’ve found that operating a business from home, everyone thinks your always available during the day. This is especially true when the kids are out of school. You have to set boundaries to let others know you’re not available for childcare – that you have a business to run and work to do.

Its helpful to have a home office that’s away from the “heart” of your home so you can more easily separate home and work. My office is in our basement where its I’m not as likely to be distracted by whats going on in the house.

Is processing medical claims from home possible?

Yes it is – but it’s not as easy as some of the ads you see try to make it look. You really either have to work for an employer who allows you to work from home or have your own home based business.

Here’s more information on working from home.

Are medical billing from home jobs possible without starting a business?
Absolutely – that’s how I got started working for a healthcare billing service. The nature of the work lends itself to working remotely as long a you have access to the medical billing software and the day sheets or superbills and patient info. These can be scanned and sent electronically or faxed – but you have to be very careful to maintain secure control over patient information with respect to HIPAA.

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What are the disadvantages of at home medical billing services?
Separating work from home issues, disruption to work from kids. If you have any employees it can be intrusive to your home at times.Everybody thinks your available during the day because you work from home.You need to maintain a secure office in accordance with HIPAA privacy and security requirements.Space – as you grow you business you’ll need more space for employees.

What about medical coding form home – Is that similar to medical billing from home?
Medical coding jobs from home are possible also but most employers looking for medical coders don’t specifically promote medical coding jobs at home. To work in and unsupervised remote location requires the confidence of the coders employer.

Typically experienced coders with a lot of expertise are most likely to be considered for working from home. Here’s a more in depth discussion on medical coding from home.

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