Just a Question on Billing Coding Medical Online Training

by Brandy
(Fairview, OK )

I found a class that is offered through our votech here in town, but is an online course. It is 300 hours and its $1895.00

I currently work in a hospital as a receptionist and told a lady in billing that I was considering taking the class. She told me it sounds like a good plan. She also told me that it ICD-10 goes in effect October 1, 2013. Anyways, the course basically gets you ready to take your certification exam through NHA. Let me know if this sounds like a good thing?



I think $1895 for a 300 hour course sounds reasonable. Especially if it prepares you well for certification. And the fact that it’s offered at you local votech is big plus as they typically have good instructors and curriculum.

I think local vocational technical schools are a great source for training as they tend to be in touch with what’s going on locally in the job market – which can be helpful when looking for a job after you complete a course.

If you’ve looked online, you’ve probably noticed there are all kinds of billing medical school training and medical billing coding training offered. The problem is figuring out whats legitimate and what’s a scam. I fell for one of these and ended up paying almost $1000 for a puny course that I could have learned on my own.

Medical Billing Course.com also has online courses in billing that go from about $170 to $699 for the more comprehensive courses. They have a good reputation for online medical billing training and are Better Business Bureau accredited.

As you mentioned ICD-10 codes going into effect October 2013. Any training or knowledge on this can be a great selling point (looks good on a resume) when job hunting. Now is great time to start getting up to speed on the ICD-10 code changes.

Thanks for the question Brandy and good luck. Feel free to share anything more you learn about the votech online training, prices, and your experiences with your training here on the site. I’m sure others going through the same thing really appreciate it.

Thanks and good luck,

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