Dislikes of Medical Billing

by Sandra
(long beach ca)

What part of your job would you say you dislike or is complicated?


Great question.

Here’s a list of my least favorite things a medical billing specialist has to deal with:

  • Dealing with Medicare – as with any government agency they can be frustrating.
  • Unpaid or rejected claims – they can require a lot of time and investigation to resolve.
  • Also angry or difficult patients who call with account problems or billing issues.
  • Difficult or ungrateful doctors that don’t appreciate the effort and time put into making sure they get paid – and don’t understand the sometimes significant effort it takes to resolve billing problems.
  • EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) that are difficult to read or interpret.

But I would say this job doesn’t involve a lot of time dealing with the negative things – they are few and far between for the most part.



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