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Free Stuff For At Home Medical Billing Services

This is a living list I’ll be updating as I discover create free stuff like medical billing forms or helpful services that are helpful to those of you in the medical billing profession or who work medical billing jobs from home.

If you have any suggestions or "Finds" you would like to share, let us know by clicking on the "Your Questions" or "Contact Us" button on the left.

Medical Billing & Coding

AMA CPT Code Search
The American Medical Association (AMA) allows a personal non-commercial search of their Current Procedural Terminology Fourth Edition ("CPT") manual . You have to accept their terms and conditions before using the search function. This search tool limits the number of codes you can look up but does provide information on the treatment code such as a good description, general information, and the Medicare facility and non-facility payment for the geographic area selected. More detailed CPT information requires a subscription and payment of the AMA license fee or purchase of a licensed CPT reference.
This is a good basic free online searchable ICD-9-CM reference for billing specialists or at home medical billing services. It has diagnosis codes listed in both tabular and alphabetical indexes. It’s a simple and comprehensive source for ICD 9 codes.
This is a great basic free online searchable ICD-10-CM coding reference which has convert feature between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes.

The free edition of PracticeMate includes unlimited electronic commercial claims. PracticeSuite is a good way for medical billers or a new practice to have a good practice management software without cost. Additional services and features can be added as needed for a very reasonable cost. Its a cloud based system so you don't have to worry about backups and software maintenance.

Office Ally
Office Ally offers both a free clearinghouse service and a free practice management medical claims billing software. Both are accessed via browser. I haven’t used their medical practice billing software but have heard great comments from reliable sources about their free clearinghouse service.
Interactive Anatomy and Physiology reference of the human body. Has animations and hundred's of anatomy graphics and descriptive links.

Medical Billing Terms Glossary
A handy quick reference 15 page ebook of medical billing terms we’ve compiled. It’s in PDF format and you can save a copy locally when it opens by right clicking and selecting “Save As”.


Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide
This is a 15 page reference that gives an overview for those considering a career in medical billing or a medical coding career. A lot of this information is available on the site in more detail but I tried to condense it all in an easy reader if you want to print out and read away from the computer or share with someone.

Medical Billing and Coding Software Comparison Spreadsheet
Here’s a spreadsheet we created to compare the important features of medical claim billing software. You can use it as a checklist or a way of grading or comparing features of the medical claims billing software or medical billing practice management software you are considering.

Here it is in both a PDF or a ZIP Excel xls format if you wish to customize and change to meet your needs:

Medical Claim Billing Software Comparison - PDF

Medical Claims Billing Software Comparison - Excel format (ZIP file)

Medical Billing Sample Resume
Here’s a generic example of a resume for a Medical Billing Specialist in PDF format.

Medical Billing Insurance Claim Flowchart
This is a simple flowchart we created to explain how healthcare claim processing works and show how insurance claims billing works.

Medical Billing Contract Example
A sample medical billing contract that may be helpful for at home medical billing services signing up your first client. Here’s more detailed information on medical billing contracts and good resources for sample service contracts.

Medical Billing Contract Addendum Example
A sample addendum to a medical billing contract that may be helpful to those of you making changes to the terms of your original contract.


I love Gmail! It’s by far the best email service I’ve ever used. It ingrates well with other Google products like Google Docs, Picasa, and Google Voice. It’s so easy to find old emails - even from years ago. An Google gives you lots of free storage. You can even upload documents you want to back up. It’s got great features for setting up filters and categorizing your email.

Google Docs
This is my favorite way of creating documents - text, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, and presentations. And you can access them from any computer or share with others. It requires a Google account but that’s free. I used Google Docs to create the documents above. It doesn’t have all of the capabilities of a full fledged “Office” type program but it does just about everything most people need. And you can save your documents in a variety of neutral formats.

Open Office
If you want a full featured office productivity suite software, Open Office is a great free alternative for creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and databases in standard popular formats.

Google Voice
A single phone number that rings you on your existing phone. For those of you starting at home medical billing services processing medical claims from home, this is an economical way to establish a unique phone number for your business that ring to your home or cell phone - or both at the same time. It’s a really neat and powerful tool.

This is a great free photo editing and management software. It makes it easy to edit, backup, and share your photo’s. It’s also owned by Google and is being integrated into Google Plus.

Vistaprint offers a lot of free and very reasonable products. These can be a real cost saver for at home medical billing services marketing efforts. They offer free business cards and free logo design. They also have a wide variety of advertising and marketing products.

Free Online Coding References
Discusses where to find free if somewhat limited online references for CPT medical coding and ICD 9 codes from reputable sites for medical billers and coders and at home medical billing services.

Free Online Medical Billing Software
Office Ally offers both free practice management medical billing software called Practice Mate. I haven't used it but it sounds like it performs the basic functions. I understand the data entry can be a little cumbersome (more mouse driven) and it doesn't have some of the more advanced reporting capabilities. But if your just starting an at home medical billing services business it can be a real cost savings.

Office Ally also offers a free Clearinghouse service that I have heard very good feedback about. It will accept submission of claims from most all existing practice management software systems.

Create A Free Website
Weebly is a great free and easy way to create a website. If you don't need the more advanced tools to generate traffic, keyword, monetize, research, report, etc. They have some basic templates and layouts to get you started. However it's up to you to promote the website.

I highly recommend Solo Build It if you're serious about creating a website that will generate traffic and income. Solo Build It hosts All-Things-Medical-Billing and I wouldn't use anyone else.

Google Places
Google has a local business center called Google Places that you can use to help get your business (website) found locally. This is very useful in marketing an at home medical billing services business. This information is also used in the very popular Google Maps app used on the iPhone and Android platforms.


Small Business Accounting Software
Yendo is a small business financial accounting software with the ability to manage invoicing, purchasing, expenses and payments. Yendo is free for one user which allows up to 5 invoices a month. It's a great tool for at home medical billing services - or any small business.

Money Management is a free online money management tool - kind of like Quicken. It pulls information from your bank, credit card, and investment accounts and allows you to see and manage all your finances from one place. Mint is owned by Intuit - the same folks that own Quicken - so it's a secure and trusted service.

Not Free But Great Deals

Remanufactured Toner
When you operate at home medical billing services or any business you print a lot of paper. Which means you can go through a lot of printer toner. I’ve had good experience getting remanufactured toner cartridges from Spectrum Toner. They are a lot cheaper (about 1/4th the cost) of buying a new laser toner cartridge.

Create a Website
Create and host a website for less than $25 a month. All the tools you’ll need - Solo Build It handles all the overhead stuff so you can concentrate on creating a website. Great tools, resources, and forums.

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