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If you’ve found our website about medical billing and related topics helpful, please let others know about it – we greatly appreciate it. We’ve tried to answer questions with this site about medical billing that we had when getting started. But I may not have covered something on your mind.

We’ve also started compiling responses to some of the most common questions related to medical billing here.

This site is here to help answer your medical billing questions and share your experiences – it isn’t just about me and my medical billing experiences.

You’ve heard the saying – “There’s no such thing as a dumb question”. Well that applies here to. If you have a question, someone else probably does to.

If you don’t have a question and would like to share an experience or story – feel free to submit your experiences or advice here also.

What Kind of Questions About Medical Billing?

They can be questions or stories about:

  • Specific Billing & Coding issues
  • What a Medical Billing Specialist does
  • Software
  • Training
  • Getting a job
  • Working from home
  • Starting a billing business
  • Working with doctors
  • …..Or any other Medical Billing subject

So Ask Away…..

Your questions or experiences and the responses creates a separate web page for each question and will contribute greatly to making this web site more helpful to other visitors.

You may want to use the Google search below before submitting your question. Over 300 questions & comments have been submitted so there’s a good chance someone has already asked the same question you have.

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Specific Coding Questions 
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Due to the number of submissions, we’ve outgrown this page. Submissions related to medical billing business have been moved to our Medical Billing Business Questions page.

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