2017 Top 5 Highest Rated Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR)

Listed below are the top 5 highest rated electronic medical records software  (EMR or EHR) providers based on user rating. There are hundreds of medical record software companies, so we attempted to cull them down to a few based on the highest user ratings, number of reviews (several), and affordability. They are listed alphabetically - not in order of rating or cost.

This listing could just as easily be titled “Highest Rated Health Records Software” since EMR and EHR are used interchangeably even though there are differences.  Just about all of these are "Suite" type of software which means they include several features together such as patient scheduling, billing, and other practice management features.

Criteria for selecting these:

  • Can be used for many specialties.
  • Have a significant number of user reviews. Some EMR software may be rated higher, but they have too few reviews or they are tailored to a particular specialty.
  • Are reasonably priced. Most of these listed have an affordability of 2 out of 5 or lower.

A caution about user reviews for the highest rated electronic medical records software listed below. When you look at all the reviews, even the best have some bad reviews just like products on Amazon. This may be due to bad user experiences or expectations. It may also be that the software works better with certain specialties.

Poor reviews can also be because of the differences in office practices and the type of user - practice or facility, size, etc. This can impact how they do things where the software “gets in the way” and doesn't complement their office practices or processes. It can also be because people tend to resistance to change when a new software is used - regardless of how good it is.

(301) Reviews

AdvancedMD is an integrated medical software suite for independent practices. Products include practice management, electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, patient relationship management, online reputation management, big data....Read More

(465) Reviews

HealthFusion offers MediTouch EHR and MediTouch PM, a suite of electronic health records and practice management tools that were designed to be web-based and offer a touchscreen user interface....Read More

(403) Reviews

NueMD offers a comprehensive suite of software and services for practices of all sizes. NueMD is an integrated appointment scheduling, practice management/medical billing, electronic health recording, and medical billing solution....Read More

(256) Reviews

PrognoCIS is a cloud-based ICD-10 compliant and MU certified EMR solution which helps medical facilities and practitioners to manage patient medical recording. The software comprises of integrated modules for EHR, Practice Management....Read More

(95) Reviews

WRS Health is a cloud-based integrated EHR, practice management and billing management solution designed to helps medical professionals streamline the core activities of their practice. The solution offers EHR, medical billing, patient....Read More

These user reviews are compiled by our partners at Software Advice out of over 336 providers.

When highest rated electronic medical records software, in addition to cost and user ratings you should also consider:

  • Dedicated function versus a software suite. Suite means the software can perform several functions in addition to EMR.
  • Platform: cloud (web) or locally installed and maintained. Cloud based requires less IT support or backup on your part. However your practice should have a reliable internet connection. Web based software is also sometimes called SaaS - which stand for Software as a Service.
  • How easy and intuitive the software is to use.
  • Support getting set up and when there are problems.
  • Installed base - how many others are using the same application.
  • HIPAA security and privacy.

For help and guidance in selecting the best EMR software for your situation, we recommend contacting Software Advice - it's FREE and they can help you narrow down based on cost and all the other factors you consider important.

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