Desire To Work as Contract Medical Biller From Home

by Lisa
(Jackson, MS)

Hi Gina! My name is Melissa. First and foremost, i have appreciated your website soooo much! Reading about your experience in starting your business at home has been so encouraging to me. I have been billing for a specialist for 5 yrs and desire to go solo.

You said that you use to work as a contract employee for a billing service doing certain projects and you worked from home. My question to you is did you charge them? How were you able to work from home? Did you worked from their server? How long did you work for them? Did you have a contract in play before you started your assignment? Thanks



I worked as a contract employee for a small medical billing firm off and on for about 1-1/2 to 2 years. I didn't have a contract with them since they were friends I figured the worst that could happen is they don't pay me and we just part ways - but that never happened. They were good folks and taught me so much.

I was paid by the hour - as best I can remember around $12 an hour - maybe a little more as I got more experienced. This was over 10 years ago and I has just happy to be paid and be able to learn billing and coding.

I worked mostly on accounts receivables first - investigating claims that were rejected or not paid. This involved a lot of phone work - calling insurance companies. At first the billing service owner just printed out the claim info - like an aging report - with the insurance company and their phone number.

Once I became more comfortable and efficient, and received some training on their billing software, I was able to log into their server and actually correct claims to be resubmitted along with the new claims.

Hope this answers your questions.



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