Work from Home/School at University with Possiblity of Playing Football

by Jaron Maxwell
(Phoenix, Arizona)

So my mom kind of got me sucked into this medical billing and coding schooling from at home profession. They are based off of Weston’s distance learning or something like that.

Is it possible for me to be able to work from home while i go to school and do all these other activities? I mean is there a job even out there that i could do from home? The reason i got into this is cause my mom told me how you could work from home. I thought it was too good to be true until I did a little bit of research and found some good stuff. So I decided to pursue it as i could do this from home while I go to school and play football at this university instead of going into debt with student loans.

Is it possible to be able to work this kind of job while doing these other activities and is it even possible to find a job i can do from the comfort of my home/apartment.

Thank you so much this website has been a HUGE help to me and figuring things out.

Thank you,
Jaron W. Maxwell


Great question. I don’t know what your background is in billing & coding but I assume It is possible to work from home in medical billing but its not easy to get a client – it actually seems like it’s gotten harder the last few years as it’s gotten more competitive. And it can take a lot of time and effort to land that first client.

I really recommend that anyone wanting to get into this field get some actual work experience at a doctors office, hospital, or other medical facility before trying to work from home. It’s also important to get some good training also. Realistically the only way to work from home is to start a billing service or work for someone (like a doctor) that will let you work from home. I can say from experience that it took a lot of work and time before I really made any decent money as a billing service, however I did have some opportunities to work from home for a billing service and go paid hourly.

Knowing the kind of commitment it takes to go to school and play football I wouldn’t suggest getting into billing and coding unless you already have someone who will hire you to work from home and they will pay you regularly.

I hope this helps – didn’t mean to discourage you from trying but just wanted to give you a realistic idea of what it takes to get into it – and not waste any time and money if you felt it wasn’t right for you.

Sorry to take so long to respond to your submission but I haven’t been tending to the website as much lately as I should. We’ve been enjoying my oldest son’s last year of high school football. Like yourself he’s getting ready for college and plans to play football. He’s been fortunate to get a full ride football scholarship to a great school.

Thanks again for visiting our site.

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