Where can i get a printed copy of the insurance companies policy and procedure manual?

by Marie

I’m hoping to open my own home based medical billing business soon and would like to know where to get printed copies of the policy and procedure manual.

p.s. what do you know about encoderpro.com would you recommend it?

I haven’t asked for printed copies of the insurers policy and procedures – I’ve always accessed their policies and guidelines online – usually through the Provider Access account our provider has with the insurer. This of course is usually with respect to policies for submitting claims like timely filing, etc.

For example all of our providers have access to Blue Cross/Blue Shield online which shows all the claims filed, dates, etc. They also have good online resources for resolving rejected claims or explaining their policies and guidelines.

I usually just call them if there are any issues with a claim or if we are seeing trends with the way claims are being paid – or not paid. This is usually true for the other major insurers like United Healthcare, Cigna, etc. – with the exception of Medicare – nothing seems to be easy with them!

I’m sure if you needed a printed copy of their policies and procedures they could supply it – and the provider may very well already have this on hand. I think when they sign and agreement with an insurer this information is provided.

With regard to encoderpro.com – I haven’t used them. I have used Coding Today and it was very helpful.

I’ve tried to list some of the more popular online coding providers here.

Hope this helps answer your question or at least

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