What is Best Medical Billing Software for a Large Practice

by Terri

What do you think is the best medical billing software for a large multi-provider medical practice?

We have an 6 doctor practice and are trying to find the best practice management and medical billing software program. Our current system is several years old and the upkeep and support are becoming more of a hassle.

Searching online there are so many software companies it’s overwhelming. Looks like some are custom tailored to certain specialties.

The reviews I’ve seen for NueMD look good but we haven’t used it first hand. Also wondering if you or your visitors have any experience with WRS Health – I’ve heard good things about them from another user.

Any recommendations or experiences for a multi doctor medical practice would be greatly appreciated.


We’ve used a wide variety of practice management software – both cloud based and on-premises server based.

Most recently we’ve used Kareo and are pretty pleased with their service. They are a cloud based application. You can read Kareo reviews here.

Also heard good comments on NueMD but we haven’t used it. The review’s on it are pretty good – you can see You can read NueMD reviews and request a demo here.

Both of these have the capability to handle larger multi-provider practices.

Regardless of which medical billing software you chose, recommend you demo it first and see if it has the features you need. Another consideration is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) capability. You want to make sure it’s compatible with your existing EMR software if you use one – or that it has EMR capabilities. Also recommend using a service that includes clearinghouse services. Kareo does and I think NueMD does also.

Don’t know anything about WRSHealth but they have good reviews. You can read WRSHealth reviews here.

Another consideration is cloud based or on-site system. We really like the cloud based as it’s a reasonable monthly cost and we don’t have to worry with software updates and backups.

I’m sure there are many other good practice management software systems and invite our visitors to share their software recommendations for multi-provider practices using the “Comments” link below.

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