Suggestions on easy to use Medical Billing Software

by Anonymous

I’ve just completed a course on Medical Claims and Billing Specialist with U.S. Career Institute.
Due to my high GPA,they are offering me free software, Medlook which is the one I used during my coursework.

I found it to be cumbersome and somewhat frustrating. For example, printouts didn’t match information on the screen.

Ex: primary insurance didn’t show up on the printout as it was listed as unknown.I tried several other clients and still the same. The IT Dept was not as helpful as they didn’t appear to be knowledgeable, frequently saying they didn’t know as the problems I encountered were never asked of them.

They have a 30 day policy in which they would help iron out the glitches then I would have to seek help from Medlook.

With that being said, are you familiar with Medlook?

Do you have any recommendations for a less complicated software program or are they basically the same?

I’m not familiar with Medlook but maybe some of our visitors can share their knowledge or experiences with them (see comment post link below).

I’ve found there are so many different medical billing software vendors that it’s overwhelming to figure out which is best. And everyone seems to have a different preference or opinion as to which is the best.

We’ve primarily used three different practice management software programs: AltaPoint, Lytec, and Kareo. They are all good programs.

On various occasions we have had issues that have required support from these vendors to solve. And for the most part they have been helpful. Of course most of the software vendors will charge for ongoing support – very few provide free support. So that’s important to know up-front; what support they provide and how much it costs.

What is important to us is having a program that’s fairly easy to learn and intuitive, is widely used, and reasonably priced. It’s also important that the program is efficient and easy to enter information.

For example we probably would not like a program that requires a lot of menus and mouse clicks to enter claim information or post payments – verses one that has it on one screen that can be navigated easily with intuitive keystrokes and shortcuts.

Really my advice is to ask around to others in the business what they use, what they like about it, and what they don’t like about it.

I would also recommend using a vendor that has been around awhile and has a lot of installations – which means there’s a large knowledge base and a lot of people have already worked the bugs out.

Another suggestion would be to demo the billing software you’ve found that you think you might like. Almost all of the software vendors will let you download a demo of their software. If it’s an online cloud based system many will also allow a free trial.

If you’re having issues at this point with a vendor that may be a good sign this isn’t the software for you – but that’s just my observation.

There’s also a company called Software Advice that gives advice on billing and practice management software vendors based on your needs. There’s several of the more popular billing and practice management vendor programs listed on the buyers guide page which is provided by Software Advice.

I hope this helps answer your questions and invite our visitors to share their opinions, experiences, and recommendations by clicking on the link below.