Starting in the Medical Billing Field?

by Lauren
(Wisconsin, USA)

Well I had a job interview today at a Children’s Behavior and Health place. The lady was interested in me because she saw on my resume that I was studying Medical Billing and Coding. She explained that I would be working with the CMS 1500 form and to fill in codes for billing as necessary and I would be dealing with insurance companies over the phone.

It’s for a receptionist/medical billing position. The interview went well, she was really nice. I am just nervous if I do get the position because I don’t have much experience with all that. She said someone would work with me and train me obviously. But so so nervous.

I know I should do this since it will help a lot with my future career in this field. I am looking for encouragement or enlightenment regarding this area. I’m currently an online student for Medical Billing & Coding. I never practiced any Medical Billing and Coding hands on. However, I think this maybe a wonderful opportunity to get “my foot in the door” so to speak, but just so nervous since I never practiced what I have learned so far. Thanks for your time and feedback.


Sounds like a great opportunity and from your description you’ve got a good chance a the jog. This is a great chance to get some really good experience. Having someone train you would put my mind at ease. The way I look at it is you have very little to loose and a whole lot to gain. Even if you just work there a little while and you find that its not the type of specialty or environment for you – it still is great experience.

Most practices use the same codes over and over again. So once you get exposed to it you should catch on fast. You’ll also get good experience understanding health insurance and claim processing by dealing with insurance companies. That’s valuable experience that can get you better opportunities.

Hope it works out – I’m sure you’ll be great.