Should i buy one software specific for dental or one that supports both medical and dental billing?

by Mary
(United states. )

Hi again,
Thanks for your reply on the medical software…i am looking into Kareo for medical billing as i also heard really good reviews about it. Now, another question, i know that Kareo doesn’t support dental practice because dental has a different form and is question is do you have any recommendation for a dental software that is affordable just like Kareo is for medical billing? I might have an opportunity to work for the dental industry so i want to have both options a software for dental and a software for medical billing…so, i don’t know if it is best to buy a software that supports both or buy two different software…what is your recommendation on this? I heard about dentcon that is a free dental software but i am scared by going too cheap and then having to deal with conversion later in the future…i heard Lytec have packages that support both industries but i heard the upgrades can be very expensive..any insights and recommendations on this? Being a start at home billing business i want to make sure i look into my costs as well. Thanks

I had the same questions when getting started – I wanted to offer billing services for dental also because there seems to be a large potential market there.

We actually purchased Practisoft Dental software – this was about 10 years ago so I’m not sure if it’s still available. It was sold by a company called NDC Health at the time which made other medical billing software programs also. I think they are made by the same people that make MediSoft.

To be honest we never ended up using PractiSoft because I decided to concentrate on medical billing. I found that many dentists in our area were reluctant to outsource their billing and there were easier opportunities in medical – but you may find otherwise.

I don’t think a program or system intended for medical billing can also be used for dental due to the unique codes and different forms and formats dental uses.

If I was going to purchase a dental billing software I would go with one from a reputable company that already has a lot of users. I found the cheap systems (with medical billing software) tend to require a lot of issues that are difficult to solve unless you are a software guru.

Unfortunately I’m not much help with answering the dental software question – but I’m glad to share my experiences (or lack of) in dental if it’s any help.

Just had someone send us info on Apex EDI – they can submit claims for Medical, Dental, Vision, and Wellness. You can check them out at the link above. They appear to be very reasonably priced also.

Thanks again!

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