Sending Info for Secondary Claim Submission from Primary EOB

Just starting out and need specific information on how to submit secondary claims. I understand you need EOB from primary. Do you send entire page with patient info which could show other patients or just input information on secondary form? I’m addicted to this site, thanks.

It really depends on the insurance payer but for secondary claims we have typically send (attach) a copy of the primary EOB with the payment circled with a Sharpie. If there is info from other patients on the page, we would mark out any other patient info. This of course is in addition to including the primary info on the secondary claim form. Sometimes we send via paper and sometimes we can attach the scanned primary EOB electronically through our clearinghouse when sending the secondary claim electronically. Again it depends on the payer but may accept electronically now.

Secondary insurance payer requirements vary so I would encourage you to check their claim submission requirements as they may be more specific and helpful. These are usually on their website or web portal.

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