Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Learn how Remote Medical Coding Jobs are possible and the benefits or working remotely.

Medical coding by the very nature of the work lends itself well to working remotely. It can be performed without frequent face-to-face interaction with others and requires little or no supervision for the experienced coder.

Remote medical coding (or telecommuting) is a way of using telecommunication devices (computer, phone, and fax) in place of the commute to work.

The benefits and disadvantages are:


  • No drive to work
  • Improved productivity and morale for employees
  • Savings on gas, car maintenance, time, and clothes
  • Can work at most productive times for employee
  • Balance personal time and work
  • Less stressful


  • Less interaction with others
  • Can interfere with family life
  • Must be careful with patient info (HIPAA Compliant)

Is It For You?
Who wouldn’t want to work from home? A remote medical coder job can be done on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis. The decision to telecommute typically involves you and your manager or supervisor. If you are allowed to telecommute, you’ll most likely need support from your employers Information Technology department to make sure you have the proper equipment and remote access ID.

In order to succeed at medical coding jobs from home, you should be:

  • Results oriented and self-disciplined
  • Able to work independently and manage you time
  • Be well organized and plan well
  • Have the required work space or office at home
  • Able to work with little or no social interaction
  • Able to separate family and work

Medical coding from home typically requires access via Remote Desktop or internet browser via secure connection so that patient encounter charts or dictation can be accessed securely.

Attracting Good Employees
According to the U. S. Department of Labor’s latest Occupational Outlook, the prospects for medical records and health information technicians (under which medical coders fall), employment is expected to increase by 18% through 2016. This means there will be a strong demand for medical coders.

For employers having difficulty attracting qualified coders, they are more likely to offer more flexibility to accommodate productive employees. One of the best benefits is remote medical coding. Larger more progressive employers typically have the information technology systems and HIPAA procedures in place to allow remote medical coding jobs.

For motivated employees, remote medical coding results in improved morale and productivity. Offering such a benefit makes it easier to attract and retain good employees.

Especially in large cities, municipalities may offer incentives for telecommuting to business to ease traffic congestion. Employer and employee have to be sure HIPAA privacy and security requirements are met when dealing with patient records.

My Experience Coding From Home
Is medical coding from home possible? Here’s my experience operating a medical billing and coding home business that allows me to perform medical coding at home.

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