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Medical transcription job openings – What’s the best medical transcription job listings site. Learn what the outlook for medical transcription job opportunities is.

Job Outlook
According to the U. S. Department of Labor statistics, the medical transcription job opportunities are classified as good with a projected growth of 11 percent in the next decade.

A long term job now days is considered 5 years so it’s not uncommon for medical transcriptionists or anyone else in the health care industry to change jobs several times throughout a career. When doing so look for medical transcription job listings that help you grow.

Having a diversity of experience in differing specialties or settings (hospital, physician office, clinic, etc.) will further increase an employee’s value. Productive and accurate MTs who can provide timely results will always be in demand.

The Department of Labor emphasizes that hospitals will continue to employ a large number of transcriptionists. And due to the strong demand for standardized electronic medical records, medical transcription job opportunities will be in demand for individual and group physician practices.

Job Search
AOne of the best sources to search for medical transcription job openings is the Indeed job search site. This site compiles results from local ads as well as corporate medical transcription listings. Not a lot of fluff and irrelevant jobs, just a very comprehensive source for searching medical transcription jobs. Give it a try below:

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Outsourcing and Technology
Contracting of transcription work to overseas companies as well as speech recognition advancements should not adversely impact the demand for good medical transcriptionists. Outsourcing transcription services will only act to supplement the demand. Transcription reports provided by foreign contractors frequently requires editing for accuracy by domestic medical transcriptionists to meet quality requirements.

With regard to speech recognition technology, the currently available software applications that allow dictation directly to an electronic format are not very effective. This is due to variations in provider’s voices, the diversity of accents and medical terminology. Medical transcriptionists are still necessary to review and correct the results of these voice recognition programs.