Medical Insurance Specialist/Collections

by Melissa
(Small Town Alabama)

I have been in the Medical AR business for 14 years. I have worked for two major Fortune 500 corporate billing offices, managed one small Chiropractic office, and now a small DME provider. Over the years I have worked every aspect of AR from the front end intake to the back end collections. I am totally comfortable with the whole revenue cycle management process. My strong suit is claim follow up, denials, appeals and old AR.

I have been exploring and researching becoming an independent contractor as an Insurance Specialist. My thoughts are to create a plan to submit to small offices to work on their greater than 90 backlog.

Has this ever been done without totally buying into the Medical billing business and obtaining billing software?
The reason for the change is I moved from a large medical billing area (Nashville TN) with many opportunities to work for really great companies to a small town with no medical billing or AR companies to work for more than a two hour commute.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I think your idea to specialize in AR has great potential. As you know most every practice has outstanding AR and if their billing department or service is not very effective it can be substantial.

Working on AR is also something that most practices put off or neglect, so I would think there would be many opportunities for potential clients.

I also don't think you would have as much competition just concentrating on AR. Most billers don't really like working on AR and probably don't have the knowledge and experience that you do. You should also be able to access your client's practice management software without having to invest in your own.

Good luck - I think you've got a great idea.

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