Medical Billing Course Text Materials

We've had several requests to offer only the presentation print material and forms from the Fundamentals of Medical Billing Course in eBook PDF format.


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Includes the Following:

  • 200 Pages of Course Presentation Material for all 12 Chapters
  • Over 40 Medical Billing Forms listed here ($19.95 separately)
  • Medical Billing Terms Dictionary
  • Includes BONUS Hospital & Dental Billing Chapters

The presentation material is approximately 200 pages that accompanies the 12 chapters of the Fundamentals of Medical Billing course.

All material is delivered in eBook PDF format that you can print and use for reference (the billing forms are in Word format so you can edit and modify as needed).

The only content NOT included are the video demo's and narration included in the full Fundamentals course.

Below is an example of type of content included in the printed course materials.

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Course Print Material Examples


Health Insurance Plans

  • Insurance Types & Payers
  • Indemnity, Managed Care, & Consumer Plans
  • Referrals & Preauthorizations
  • Medicare & Government Payers
  • Medicare Administrative Contractors
  • Crossover Claims
  • Insurance Verification
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Provider Credentialing

Medical Coding Basics

  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes and Format
  • Medical Treatment Codes
  • Coding Modifiers
  • Level I & II Codes
  • Categories of Codes
  • Practice management Code Entry
  • Medical Coding Errors
  • Bundled & Unbundled Codes
  • Upcoding & Downcoding
  • Coding Specificity
  • Medical Necessity
  • Coding Resources
  • Coding in Practice Management Software Video

Patient & Provider Info

  • Who What Where Why & When
  • Before Claims Can Be Filed
  • Setting up the Provider
  • Credentialing and Clearinghouse Enrollment
  • Provider Fee Schedule
  • The Superbill
  • Customizing the Superbill
  • Setting up the Patient
  • Verifying Insurance
  • Minimum Patient Info
  • First Visit Patient Forms

CMS-1500 Claim Form

  • Introduction
  • Block-By-Block Description
  • When Paper Forms are Used
  • Electronic Claim conventions
  • Patient & Insured Info
  • Physician Info
  • Electronic CMS-1500 Video Demonstration

Creating & Submitting Claims

  • Claim Standards
  • Entering Patient Encounter
  • Creating Claims
  • Uploading Claims to the Clearinghouse
  • Clearinghouse Claim Status
  • Correcting Rejected Claims
  • Claim Attachments

Applying Payments

  • ERA's & EOB's
  • CoPay's, Coinsurance, & Deductibles
  • Interpreting Remittance Advice and EOB's
  • Explanation or Reason Codes
  • Posting Insurance Payments
  • Applying Insurance Payments
  • Posting Patient Payments
  • Secondary Claims
  • Auto Posting ERA's
  • Creating Patient Statements

Claim Problems & Patient Collections

  • Why Claims Don't Get Paid
  • Coding Error's
  • Error Codes
  • Claim Appeals
  • Patient Collections
  • Insurance Aging Reports
  • Patient Aging Reports
  • Tracking Unpaid Claims

Compliance, Fraud, & Patient Privacy

  • Administrative Simplification
  • Physical, Administrative, & Technical Safeguards
  • Business Associates & Covered Entity's
  • Fraud & Abuse - What's the Difference?
  • Punishment for Non-Compliance
  • Examples of Fraud & Abuse
  • Patient Consent
  • HIPAA Disclosure
  • Good Office Practices
  • Remote Access
  • Communicating Patient Information

Practice Management Software

  • Choosing a Software
  • Software Platforms
  • Cloud Providers
  • Back-Up of Data
  • Electronic Medical Records Integration
  • Basic Features (Video demo)
  • Basic Clearinghouse Features (Video demo)


Dental Billing

  • Dental Terminology
  • Insurance
  • Dental Procedure Codes
  • Software
  • Helpful Coding Resources
  • ADA J430D Dental Claim Form
  • Medical Necessity
  • CMS-1500 Special Instructions

Hospital Billing

  • Differences from Physician Billing
  • Hospital Services
  • Hospital & Facility Coding
  • Unique Claim Codes
  • Charge Master
  • Reimbursement Process
  • Prospective Payment Systems
  • UB-04 Claim Form (CMS-1450) By Sections


Plus you get all of the over 40 Essential Medical Billing Forms listed here.

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BONUS - Includes FREE Medical Billing Terms Dictionary


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