Is this the right career for me?

by Ashley
(Hickam AFB, Hi)

Hey, I am Ashley and I am very interested in doing something like this so my husband and I can start our family in a few years once he is out of the military. I am not quite sure how and where you look for jobs to work from home? I have been looking all over the internet but I can't seem to find very many "work at home" jobs for coding and billing. Is there a specific place I should look? BTW I love this site. Lots of helpful info.


Hi Ashley,

Thanks for visiting the site and the kind comments.

Medical billing is a possible work from home job - but it’s not for everybody nor as easy as some websites make it sound sometimes. I got into it by working for a billing service a friend of mine had started and learning the nuts and bolts of the business.

I had a background in insurance so it was a good fit for me and I really enjoyed medical billing and coding. But it’s not always real easy to find a doctor that will hire a biller and/or coder and allow them to work from home - unless its a billing service.

I ended up starting a home medical billing business based on what I learned working for a billing service. But getting doctors isn’t real easy in our area - there’s a lot of competition and marketing takes a lot of effort.

There’s a good site called Money Making Mommy that has good advice on a lot of different ways to make money working from home.

There are a lot of other options to work from home. I’m pursuing one now and scaling back (delegating) the work with our medical billing business due to the hours and stress of this business - as with many businesses. I’ve recently also become a distributor for a nutritional supplement called Zija. It’s based on the Moringa tree - you may have heard of it in Hawaii - I think it’s popular in the Philippines for it’s medicinal purposes. I really loved the product and wanted to pursue something different.

Here’s more info on the product here if interested (or just email me at the address below). I started selling it about 3 months ago this year and I’m already getting commissions averaging over $1000 a month working it part time. If you like to sell its a good product and a good way to work from home without having to invest a lot upfront.

So to answer your question - Yes it is possible to do medical billing and coding from home but it does require learning billing and coding, getting good experience, and convincing someone to either hire you - either as a direct employee or as a contractor - and that can take a lot of effort in itself.

Gina Wysor

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