Is it possible to work in Medical Billing or Coding at night instead of during the day?

by Heather Thrippleton
(Palm Harbor, FL)

How common is it that a company would allow you to work from home as well as working at night so you can be with your children during the day?

I’m an accountant at the moment and am pregnant with my first child but we won’t be able to afford daycare so I’m thinking about going to school to get my medical billing/coding certificate.

I will do so if there is an opportunity to work alternative shifts. Can you guide me as to where to look for these opportunities if they exist?


Most medical billing and coding jobs are typically 9-5. It’s not so much that some coding and billing functions can’t be performed on alternate shifts, it’s just that most employers don’t allow alternate work schedules. There may also be a need to talk to a provider or insurance company, which are typically only available during normal business hours.

There are exceptions, but that’s usually for those who have been working for an employer for a long time or have their own billing/coding business.

It’s also difficult to work an alternate schedule with little or no experience in the field.

Hope this helps – Thanks for your question.

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