I will like to know more about marketing tips.

by erika hernandez
(los angeles, CA)

Hi my name is Erika Hernandez,
First of all, want to add that I love your video and I can see that you are very knowledgeable in the medical billing field. I’m starting a business of medical billing and I’m at this point struggling finding clients, I bought a book and how to approach doctors and sell my services, but I haven’t been successful, not looking forward to give up..I been working doing medical billing for more then 8 years and I’m tired of making money for others if I can do this for myself.I will really appreciate if you can provide me with some more information, and if there is any ways I can get leads for my business.

Thank you,

Erika Hernandez
Los Angeles Billing Services

Thanks Erika,

I understand your frustration in finding clients. For me that is probably the hardest part of this business. And I think I’ve tried everything – mail outs, cold calls, advertising, begging – you name it.

The way I’ve gotten clients is by referral and by going out and visiting offices nearby and handing out fliers with some goodies – like cookies or donuts – that really seams to make the girls at the front desk or office manager more receptive. The problem I have is things are so busy with our current clients that it’s hard to find time to get out and stir up new business.

And persistence is important too – just keep on trying. I found even with a busy business that I need to keep marketing because there’s turnover in this business just like other businesses. Doctors retire, die, decide to take billing back in house… I’ve seen it all.

One of my friends in Atlanta that I worked for before starting a business had a very low key approach to marketing. She would take something like a box of donuts or pastries and give them to the office manager – or whomever she could at the front desk – along with a brochure or flier and business card. She would periodically drop by and check on them – nothing high pressure – just a “Here’s what I do and let me know if I can help” visit.

I ended up signing my largest client that way. One Friday I picked up several nice boxes of cookies from a local bakery and delivered to about 6 practices (taped my card and flier to it). Good food really does seem to soften people up. And I know these offices get a lot of cold call salesmen – so they are probably suspicious anyway. Turns out they were needing billing help. I just started helping out on an hourly contract basis which led to them completely outsourcing to us.

I did also have some positive results with some of the ideas in Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor and 12 Keys To Increased Wealth in Your Medical Billing Business. I used some of their telephone ideas and did get some positive responses – but I’m still learning and trying this.

I’ve also notice that doctors are receptive to having someone work on their accounts receivables (insurance aging) – I guess they figure they have nothing to loose and it’s a good way for a biller to prove themselves. But I’ve found it’s hard to make much money on insurance aging unless you charge a high percentage. But it is a good way to get a foot in the door and prove oneself. That helped me in landing one client.

Good luck Erika – I hope some of my experiences will help you. There’s a real need out there for competent medical billers – it’s just a matter of convincing them we can do the job and getting the opportunity.


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