I recently recieved my Certificate in Billing and Coding but have no experience.

I have a job history of strictly blue collar work. After my injury on the job I studied for and received my National Certificate for Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.

I have no job experience and wondered if you had any advice how I might be able to break into this field to receive the on the job experience that will be critical.

In applying for a job, I would emphasize all your applicable experience from you previous job(s). Being certified certainly denotes your commitment to the profession and that’s a big selling point.

Honestly of all the techniques that have worked for me – be it getting a job or a client – networking has been the most successful. Just work it into all your conversations with everyone you have a conversation with. And if you can attend any functions with professionals in the healthcare field that would be beneficial.

In our area I know Blue Cross regularly holds seminars for billers, office managers, coders, etc. That would be a good example of a function to network. It doesn’t have to be a high pressure in your face thing – just casually work in the conversations that you just received your certification and are looking for work as a biller/coder.

You might also look for all the billing services in your area and call them – they usually have a need for billers (especially larger ones) and may be more willing to hire someone with little or no experience.

I hope you can find something soon – good luck!

Thanks, Gina