I am Planning to Obtain Training as a Medical Biller

by Sharon Lewis
(Columbus, Ohio)

I would like to obtain training as a medical billing clerk. I am looking for some good online schools that cost under $1200. I noticed that a lot of schools offer medical billing and coding combined. I am only interested in medical billing.

I want to finish my training within 9 months and want to seek employment as a entry level medical billing/records clerk. What are the job opportunities like in this field for medical billers? I live in Columbus, Ohio and an thinking about moving to Florida within the next 2 years. I want to seek employment as a medical billing clerk in Florida. What online school would you recommend that would give me the best training? Thanks.

Thanks for visiting the site.

A few possibilities for Medical Billing training:

1) Medical Billing Course.com is a reputable online training program for Medical Billing. Their comprehensive programs run from about $500 to $700. Its run by Tammy Harlin who has a great reputation in the Medical Billing community. If you are just interested in medical billing this is a good option.

2) You can get a good listing of schools in your area by using the EduSearch school search service on our Medical Billing Schools page – you may have to scroll down a little. You may have to submit info to get more detailed info on the individual programs. They allow you to filter for online or schools with a campus.

3) Your local community or technical college may have an affordable medical billing program – of course these aren’t usually online programs.

The opportunities for medical billers are very good but the challenge is getting experience. There’s always job listings in our area for medial billers – and that’s probably the case with most cities. But they all seem to require at least some experience. Anything you can do to get experience would be a great help in landing a job. Because so many providers and hospitals need good medical billers, there’s always opportunities.

When I first started I offered to work for free at a friends billing service. Fortunately they gave me a part time job and paid me. It was a great way to get experience and understand the process of medical billing.

So anything you can do to get some experience or exposure to the field would be great – even if its for a short time. If you are currently working in a medical office now, try to get involved in some way with the billing and coding. Or just ask the biller or coder about there job.

Hope this answers your question.


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