How To Succeed In The Medical Billing Business

95 Honest Answers to Your Most Popular Questions

If you would like honest straight forward answers on starting a profitable and successful home based billing business – this might be the most important book you can read.

We answer the most important questions everyone has:

  • How much can you make?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do I have to know about billing and coding?
  • How do you get clients?

Written by Gina & Conrad Wysor who started a home based billing service with one part time doctor and grew to serving 6 providers.

This helpful book is based on over 10 years experience starting and operating a successful medical billing business and answering questions from our website. Learn from our mistakes. We spent over $3000 on training materials and software we never used – and didn’t need.

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  • Check out the list of 95 questions below.

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Here’s a List of all 95 Questions

Income & Pricing

1. How much money can you make?

2. How do you get paid?

3. How often do you get paid?

4. How long does it take to get paid once you begin billing for a doctor?

5. How much should I charge for billing services?

6. How should I price for partial services?

7. How long does it take to be profitable?

8. Is $5 per claim fair?

9. Should the new billing service get paid on claims the previous billing service submitted?

10. Ideas on flat fee per patient pricing?

11. What percentage should I charge for home based medical billing service?

12. How much should I charge for working on old AR accounts from a previous billing service?

Costs & Getting Started

13. What are the start-up costs for a home based medical billing business?

14. Do I have to have a professional license to start a medical billing business?

15. I just signed up a new client. How do I transition from the old billing service?

16. Is 2 years work experience in billing and coding sufficient for opening billing company?

17. What experience do I need before starting a medical billing business?

18. What books do you recommend?

19. What type of liability insurance should I have for operating a medical billing business?

20. Do I need to have a contract before working for a doctor?

21. How do I go about getting my provider registered with insurance companies?

22. What specialties are best to bill for?

23. Do you recommend paying for leads when starting?

24. Just getting started. Should I start pursue small or large clients? Full service or claim filing only?

25. What do you think of medical billing business opportunity packages?

26. I need to make income fast. How long does it take?

27. Just getting started and feel overwhelmed.

28. How do I get started without giving up full time job?

Training & Certification

29. Can I start a medical billing business with no formal training?

30. What training do I need to start a medical billing business?

31. What is the best cheap online medical billing course?

32. How much can I expect to spend on training?

33. What school or training do you recommend?

34. Do I have to be certified in medical billing or coding to file insurance claims?

35. Is certification in medical billing necessary to start a billing business?

36. Medical billing certification – Is medical billing certification good in any state?

37. What do you think of online medical billing training?

Operating a Business

38. Can a billing service deny access to patient billing software for a provider?

39. How long should you keep EOB’s or remittance advice?

40. Is it OK to send patient billing info by fax matching?

41. How do you make sure you receive payment for your services?

42. What do you dislike about operating a medical billing business?

43. What do you like most about operating a medical billing business?

44. What does a medical billing service do?

45. What is a typical workday like?

46. Are there any state requirements for starting a medical billing business?

47. If I have a home based business, what do I have to do to comply with HIPAA?

48. Do work at home biller’s generally make the daily bank deposits?

49. What are the main reasons claims get rejected?

50. How much do you have to know about coding to operate a medical billing business?

51. Can I operate a medical billing business from another country?

52. Should insurance and patient payments be sent to the doctor’s office or to the billing service?

53. Can you recommend an inexpensive way to produce and mail patient statements?

54. Help! Over $400,000 in unpaid claims.

55. Can you offer advice on managing a team of medical billers?

56. What do you think is the best way to personalize the call when dealing with the patient?

57. Where does the responsibility of the biller end?

58. Is coding mandatory for a medical billing service?

59. When signs up the provider with the different insurance companies?

60. Can a medical billing company reimburse a provider for errors?

61. How do you get all the patient information you are going to need?

62. Is billing for a dentist different than billing for physicians?

Getting Clients & Marketing

63. How do you get clients?

64. Struggling to find clients. How can I get more leads?

65. How long does it take to get a client?

66. What kind of healthcare providers make the best clients?

67. What should I include in my marketing material? Do I need a website?

68. Can you offer some creative ways to get your first client?

69. 8000 cold calls and lots of providers “thinking about it.” How can I get a client to commit?

70. What’s the best way to contact providers?


71. What software do I need?

72. How much should I expect to spend on software?

73. What does a clearinghouse do?

74. Do you have to use a clearinghouse to file claims?

75. Is the software determined by the type of practice or specialty?

76. Can I use my clients practice management/billing software? Should my fee be less?

77. How hard is it to convert a client’s patient billing records from one software system to another?

78. Who owns the data in the medical billing software?

79. What impact with electronic medical records have on medical billing services?

80. Do you have any suggestions on easy to use medical billing software?

81. What is the best software for all specialties?

82. Should I use a cheaper software when getting started?

Everything Else

83. Concern about math and accounting abilities needed in medical billing.

84. Been out of medical billing for a while. Any suggestions to get current before getting back into it?

85. Just received certification. Any advice on how to get into the field?

86. Are medical billing jobs from home for real?

87. How are home medical billing jobs possible?

88. What are the biggest challenges of working from home?

89. How do you comply with HIPAA and patient privacy when working from home?

90. Is medical billing from home the right career for me?

91. Can we get out of our contract with current medical billing service?

92. Advice for starting a Dental billing service from home.

93. What’s the best way to end with one billing company and begin with a new one?

94. Just medical collections without billing – would there be demand?

95. I’m turning 55 this year. Am I too old to learn medical billing?


Includes Free Medical Billing Terminology eBook

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