How do you remote access a client’s system?

First, I want to say thank you for all of the information you have already provided, it has been really helpful. Second, I would like to understand the process of remote entry, how would I do it?

There is a doctor that is interested in my services and he would be my first client, but I am not sure how I would get into his network to access his system and files to perform the tasks he needs from me. Would I need a new computer? An IT person? Thanks!

Typically remote access is using a standard windows desktop or laptop PC. It really depends on the doctor’s current practice management system as to how you would access and whether you would need to install any software on your remote computer.

I would suggesting asking what type of system he has, if it allows remote access, and who would be able to set you up with access. If more than one person will be accessing the system at the same time, he would also need to have a multi-user license.

If it’s a based on a server with multi-user licenses (which a lot are these days), it may be as simple as getting a user ID and password. This would have to be assigned by the physicians IT person or whomever is responsible for managing his practice management system. It could be on a server in his office or in a more secure data center.

There is also the possibility the provider uses a cloud based system. In this case it could be as simple as just obtaining a user ID and password.

I would just caution getting a good understanding of what your responsibilities would be and the associated costs so you can price your services accordingly.

Hope this answers your questions – Thanks!

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