How can I find out if the medical billing company is posting all collected money

by Anonymous

My boss owns the medical billing company that bills for our practice. How can I find out if the posted collections matches their actual collections.

My salary is based on collections, not the billed amout


Sounds like you have a very interesting situation if I understand you question correctly – you boss owns both the practice and the billing company?

Depends on where the payments are being received and what kind of access you have to this info. For our billing services all of the payments – both insurance and patient – are collected and handled by the providers office.

The office then sends us copies of the remittance advice and explanation of benefits they receive for insurance payments. They also send a ledger of all the patient payments and co-pays received. This was usually at least once a week and sometimes daily depending on how busy the practice is.

We then post these payments and provide a monthly report on which our service payments are based on.

If all the payments are sent to the billing service, you are pretty much at their mercy to get access to this info. Hopefully they keep accurate records of payments received and will share with you. If not you should probably raise this concern with your boss. Otherwise you don’t know where the money is going.

Either way I would ask for a report or accounting of all the collections. If your salary is based on this, you deserve access to this info. Otherwise it looks like something fishy is going on.

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