Hi there, I’m turning 55 this year and will be forced to retire at age 56 as an air traffic controller next year, it’s mandatory.

by Richards Martinez
(West Jordan, Utah )

Well, for whatever reason I have had medical billing and coding on the brain for the last couple of years, something to keep me active mentally and challenged like my current profession does.
Do you think my age would be a hindrance to learning and being hired?

Hi Richards,

I don’t thing you would have a problem learning billing and coding – especially considering your background. Many employers like having someone with maturity handling the billing and coding. I think having someone of your maturity, dependability, and responsibility is a plus for the employer.

When I needed help I preferred someone with maturity who was dependable and trustworthy without a lot of experience – verses someone who may have some good experience in the field. If I can’t depend on someone to show up – when I’ve got commitments to meet and claims that have to be entered – it doesn’t matter how good they are.

We have gotten a few submissions of people expressing frustration in finding a job once they have graduated from school – so the biggest challenge may not be the training – but just getting consideration for a job without experience.

However I think having a background as an air traffic controller could open doors for you – just for the curiosity factor. I think when someone received your resume or correspondence and saw your experience they would be much more likely to call you. If you can handle the level of concentration required of an air traffic controller, you would certainly be able to handle coding and billing.

You may want to consider taking some coding and billing classes at your local community college. I don’t know how deep you want to get into it but you can typically get a certificate in 3 to 6 months – and more in depth coding for the 1 to 2 year program if you desire certification.

Thanks for visiting the site. Regardless of which path you take I hope it works out well for you.


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