Google Work From Home

Legit Work From Home Business?

You’ve probably seen the testimonials or junk emails about Google Work From Home opportunities. Learn the truth about legitimate work from home jobs involving Google.

Maybe you’ve received one of those testimonial emails or seen an “article” that looks like it came from one of the national news organizations about how someone – and it could be in your community – has a work from home online job making all kinds of money through Google.

How realistic is this?

The only legitimate Google work from home opportunity is doing something like I’m doing with this site using Google AdSense. This is the advertising program administered by Google that allows you to put Google ads on your site.

The way it works is when someone clicks on one of the ads on your web page, you get paid by Google. Can you make legitimate money this way? Sure. But you really need to have a lot of traffic to see any meaningful income – and there are a lot of websites that make considerable income just from Google AdSense – several thousand $ a month.

How It Works For Me
I’ve implemented Google AdSense on this site to supplement the income from our billing services business. On the Internet, information is a valuable commodity – especially quality accurate advice and information.

So how do you get a lot of traffic? The way I do it is using a service to build this website called Site-Build-It. They have tools that showed us what the best topics and keywords are for my subject – Medical Billing. Or this could be any subject you know a lot about – or would like to learn a lot about.

Our traffic has grown considerably in the short time this site has been in existence. So selecting the right keywords is really important to getting traffic. There’s a great site called (no affiliation) that really describes how to build a website for beginners if you’re interested.

Google Adsense is the main source of income for this site. I really like AdSense because they have a “clean” look to their ads, they are easy to set up, relevant, are from a trusted source.

I’ve created a web page that goes into more detail about how I created this site and how the traffic is growing here.

What’s the Potential
So how much can you make using Google work from home opportunities with AdSense? Well from my experience this site has made over to $300 a day in AdSense revenue on it’s best day. It also generates a small amount income from affiliates.

We implemented AdSense in April of 2010 and made a whopping $5.69. A little over 2-1/2 years later it’s made as much as $6300 a month – much greater than our original goal of averaging $100 a day – or $3000 a month. Of course the traffic and earnings are seasonal and vary depending on the time of year.

It just blows me away that a site can generate that kind of income just from ads. And I feel like the site is nowhere near it’s potential.

Not bad at all! Of course the kind of income a site generates depends on the subject. But this is possible for a niche website if you do it right Judging by the growth in traffic we’ve experienced, I think it’s very realistic to increase the income we’re currently seeing.

So to sum it up from my experience, Google work from home is legitimate – from AdSense or affiliate income. All it requires is creating a good quality web site that’s capable of generating a good amount of traffic. And as you can see it doesn’t always take a tremendous amount of traffic. My goal of 30,000 visitors a month is very attainable – and we’re almost there.

The actual nuts-and-bolts of building a site is the easy part. The real keys to building a successful website are:

  • Create great content
  • Get traffic
  • Monetize your site

Everyone is An Expert in Something
So how do you do it? If you know something about a topic – your hobby or occupation – you can create a website from your expertise. Is it easy? Well it does require a desire to write and share your knowledge on the topic. But that’s just what I’ve done here. My occupation is in medical billing. So I created this site to share everything I’ve learned about that. And it’s been very easy because I’m just writing about what I do.

So don’t buy into these get-rich-quick work from home online job schemes or Google work from home scams. There are legitimate work from home jobs that allow you to make money online. But it does take effort and time and as I’ve shared here, it does bare results.

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