Getting Started in Medical Billing and Am Overwhelmed!!!

by Tee

I took a course and passed it but have never worked in a medical office before. I was told by talking with local physician staff and those who started this business that it did not matter. Now I’m not so sure. Was I wrong in choosing this field?

What am I supposed to say to a perspective client when asked how long I have been doing this when I’ve never done it before? When I’ve never even worked in a medical office?

What enrollment forms should I bring to a client to fill out even when I get an interview?

Someone please…help!! Have put a lot of time and money into this already. I am starting to get discouraged with getting started before I have even gotten started!

I certainly understand the feeling of being overwhelmed – that’s the way I felt when I got into this business. It really helped me to work a little while for a billing service to learn what to do before I got started.

If you really have a desire for the field then I certainly think you’re in the right field. But maybe it’s too overwhelming now to start a business. If so just take a long term view and just work a job first. One thing I’ve learned is that if you’re really good at something, the money and opportunities will eventually come.

It’s a little easier now with some of the online medical billing software options so you don’t have to be a computer or software expert but can concentrate on the billing. As far as enrollment forms, I usually didn’t get started with that until signing the provider up with my clearinghouse. They provide all the forms based on the insurance the provider has contracts with.

When I meet with a client I usually bring some promotional material – like a brochure – that gives an overview of our services and benefits to the provider. It’s kind of like a resume for the business. Usually it’s just an introductory meeting for the provider to “interview” you and gives you a chance to sell yourself and your business.

But it does take a while to get confident in this type of setting. Its really like an interview. If I already have a pretty good idea what services the provider wants, I may also bring a copy of a contract with amounts filled in. They may not agree to the amounts yet but it gives us a starting point for negotiating – if that’s necessary.

There’s links to some great books on our medical billing books written by two wonderful ladies (mother and daughter) – Alice & Michele – who operate a medical billing business. They give a lot of good advice on getting clients, medical billing contracts, starting a medical bililng business, pricing your billing service, etc.

There’s also a good book available for reasonable on Amazon called “Understanding Health Insurance” by Michelle Green – you can just search for it on Amazon. It really helped me as a comprehensive reference.

There’s also a great free medical billing forum where a lot of people share their experiences starting a medical billing business and getting clients. There’s a lot of good advice and shared experiences there.

Again I understand your feeling of being overwhelmed – I hope it doesn’t prevent you from reaching your goals in medical billing.

Hope this helps – Thanks,

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