Fresh out of Medical Billing School – Where do i start getting an entry level job?

Hi my name is Carrie i have just recently finished an online medical billing class. My goal is to one day work at home. I’m a nursing assistant, have been for 12 years.

When I look in the paper for jobs, they want people who have worked in the field for a while. The reason why I’m writing is I need your help in where to begin getting stated.

Thank you,


Thanks for visiting the site. We get a lot of similar questions about how to get that first job.

Your background as a nursing assistant makes you a great candidate for a billing job because you are already familiar with the medical terms and the medical office environment.

Any opportunity you get in your present job to do anything associated with billing and coding I would take advantage of. If applying for a job emphasize anything you’ve done billing – anything with superbills, or looking up info in patient files, or coding – it may be you already do a lot of things the medical billing specialist does that you can take credit for.

Probably the best way to get a job is networking – with everyone and anyone. You never know who may know someone or have a connection to someone who is hiring.

For a first job, I would recommending concentrating on smaller practices or billing services. In our city I see occasional advertisements for temp agencies looking for medical billing or coding specialists. They may not always pay the most but it’s a good way to get some experience. It doesn’t have to be a long term job.

You may want to try the Indeed job search on our Jobs page (at the top) – it’s free and its one of the more popular online job search services for local jobs.

Hope this helps – Thanks 🙂

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