Does individuality play an important role in medical billing?

by Alicia

Does individuality play an important role in medical billing?

Hello, Mrs. Gina Wysor,

Please, accept my most meaningful thanks for your decision and ability to share your journey.
Your plentiful contribution towards the enrichment of the medical billing profession will be an invaluable resource in the healthcare billing culture.


Alicia F



Thanks for your kind words.

As far as the role individuality plays in medical billing, I would say it helps in marketing your services more than anything.

As far as actually performing medical billing, I would say that actual skills, ability, and knowledge related to medical billing are more important than a persons individuality.

For example my outgoing personality (or individuality) helps me in communicating with doctors and their support staff. But when we get to discussing business, they want to know about my experience and knowledge related to billing insurance and how our service can get their claims paid.

Hope this answers your question.



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