CPT Medical Coding Free Online References

Where to find free references for CPT medical coding and ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes. Here are some online medical coding resources from reputable sources.

These can be especially helpful when you’re just trying to do a quick search for a CPT or ICD codes.

CPT Medical Billing Codes online
CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. The AMA has the copyright and does not allow free use and distribution of CPT medical billing codes.

However the AMA does allow a personal, non-commercial search of the Current Procedural Terminology Fourth Edition (“CPT”) manual here on the AMA website. You have to accept their terms and conditions before using the search function.

Unfortunately, this search tool limits the number of codes you can look up and provides limited information. However it does give you a good description, general information, and the Medicare facility and non-facility payment for the geographic area selected. To obtain more detailed information requires a subscription and payment of the AMA license fee.

The AMA also offers all the latest CPT coding books on their website for purchase.

ACS Coding Today is a good online medical coding reference. While it’s not free, they do allow you to try for free for 30 days.

This allows you to search for CPT medical billing codes that have great reference resources, descriptions, and related diagnosis. There’s a link here on our page that discusses medical coding software and links to some of the more popular online subscription coding references.

Free Trials
Another way to find free cpt medical coding references online is from the coding subscription services. Of course the downside is they are for a fixed period – usually less than 30 days. But they do allow you to try their site and see if it fits your needs. And many offer very reasonable monthly subscription rates.

For example Find-A-Code has a free 14 day trial. Their subscriptions while not free are pay-as-you-need starting at a reasonable monthly fee of $4.95. The Professional is only $29.95 a month. (Note – we don’t have any affiliation with Find-A-Code).

There’s also other sites such as SpeedyCoder, SuperCoder which also offer a free trial.

ICD-9 & ICD-10 Codes Online
icd9cm.chrisendres.com Online ICD-9 & 10 Codes

This is a great basic free online searchable ICD codes. It has diagnosis codes listed in both tabular and alphabetic indexes. It doesn’t have any references, just a simple and comprehensive source for ICD 9 and 10 codes.

There are other online ICD coding references, but this is one of the easiest to navigate. Because ICD codes aren’t copyrighted, they are more readily available online.

While some of these references are somewhat limited, they do provide the ability to look up CPT or ICD codes if you just need a quick and simple resource.

Another helpful site called Innerbody.com has an interactive Anatomy and Physiology reference of the human body. It helps you visualize what and where on the body the diagnosis and treatment codes apply. They have animations and 100’s of anatomy graphics and descriptive links.

CPT Codes and their associated modifiers and descriptions are owned, copyrighted, and trademarked by the AMA (American Medical Association). They can be purchased directly from the AMA Bookstore or from licensees such as online providers like Supercoder.com and FindaCode.com.

Medical Terminology Abbreviations

Here are two good comprehensive references for medical terminology abbreviations frequently encountered when coding:

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