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Looking for Cheap Medical Billing Software. Here’s some of the more affordable medical billing and practice management software healthcare providers or billing services.

Medical billing software considered cheap is anything from free to less than $100 dollars a month. Online medical billing software providers usually charge by the month. Most medical billing and practice management providers now offer primarily online solutions. This is because of the advantages of not having to maintain (update) and back-up software that cloud based solutions offer.

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NueMD offers a comprehensive suite of software and services for practices of all sizes. NueMD is an integrated appointment scheduling, practice management/medical billing, electronic health recording, and medical billing solution….Read More

In-house stand alone systems that are installed on a local server or PC can start under $1000.  A few of the cheap medical billing software providers listed below offer stand alone solutions. However this may change as many are moving towards subscription based solutions verses the traditional “software in a box” products.

If you’ve shopped around, you probably realize what an investment practice management and medical billing software can be. It can be one of the largest expenses for a practice or billing service. That’s why it’s important to get the best fit for your consideration.

Before shopping for a medical billing software provider, it is important to consider the capabilities and functions that are important for your practice or service. Sometimes what may look like the best cheap medical billing software solution may balloon into an expensive one when the features you need are added.

Features to consider:

  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited claims
  • Pricing per provider, user, location, etc.
  • EMR integration – will it interface with your existing electronic medical records system or do they offer EMR add-on?
  • Support for resolving problems and answering questions
  • User base – are there many current users?
  • User reviews. What do current users think of the product? Where available we provided links to user reviews for the vendors below.

Many of the software providers have different pricing plans – sometimes as many as 4. I’ve noticed most also have the ability to customize their software and offer discounts for larger practices.

When getting a firm quote, ask how the pricing is structured with respect to number of providers and users, and locations. Some are per provider with unlimited users. Others may have additional per user or per location costs.

Also ask the vendor if you can demo their software. Almost every medical billing and practice management software provider will allow you to demo their software.


NueMD is one of the highest rated cloud based cheap medical billing software providers. 

The basic practice management pricing starts at $149 per month per provider. This includes electronic and paper claims, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), batch claim filing and posting, and mobile app capabilities. The Ultimate package includes more practice management and collection tools for $249/month.

Custom packages can be provided for medical billing companies and large practices.

Their software and services can accommodate practices of all sizes and offers the following basic features:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Eligibility verification integration
  • Batch claim filing and posting
  • Patient portal
  • Unlimited claims

Additional custom features can also be added such as EMR capabilities.

NueMD operates its own claims clearing house, which allows users to process an unlimited number of claims at any time.

NueMD subscription includes an unlimited number of users and practice locations. 

Over 350 NueMD user reviews can be read at the link above.

Kareo Medical Billing Software

Web based medical billing software, electronic medical records, practice management, and integrated claims processing.

Kareo is a popular online web based medical billing software service which has tiered pricing plans depending on your budget. Kareo has several pricing tiers based on the services needed. The cheapest option starts at $75 for non-physician basic services. The more popular complete medical billing and practice management option is $150 per month per provider. This is for unlimited electronic and paper claims.

Kareo’s notable features:

  • Clearinghouse services included
  • No contracts or cancellation fees
  • No upfront costs or software to install
  • Unique fax number so documents can be electronically attached to Kareo account and records
  • Customizable reports
  • Credit card processing
  • Data is backed up daily
  • Appointment scheduling and patient management

Kareo is accessed via a client browser type interface installed on your local PC and accessible anywhere you have internet access. If you are concerned about having a copy of your data, you can export your data anytime to a common format like .CSV or .XLS file.

Over 400 Kareo User Reviews are available at the link above.

Total MD

Total MD offers cheap medical billing software which includes medical billing, reporting, and scheduling on both server and web based platforms. The single user practice management option is available for $99 a month for the Essentials package and cloud use. On-premise is $199/month. Electronic health records capabilities for additional fee. Additional users are an additional cost depending the number of users.

Total MD features for the base option include:

  • ICD-10 and 5010 ready
  • Insurance collection management with several useful tools for improving insurance payments.
  • Coding Advisor
  • Online elidgibility
  • Credit card charge module
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Free data conversions from Lytec and Medisoft

Also has the ability to electronically capture and store documents and log employee time for payroll.

TotalMD is one of the highest rated and least expensive billing and practice management software providers.  Click the link above for TotalMD user reviews can be found here.

Collaborate MD

Collaborate MD is another web based online medical billing software that offers the standard practice management software features. Their basic package, what’s called “Plan 1” starts at $165 a month per provider. They offer a total of 4 pricing plans 

The full featured plan “Plan 4” program is $345 a month per provider. This includes unlimited ERA auto-posting, claim scrubbing, and real time patient eligibility. Discounts are available for low claim volume and large organizations.

One nice feature of CollaborateMD’s pricing is that you can add just the features you need with their “Create Your Own” package offerings.

Collaborates features include:

  • Unlimited eClaims
  • Easy to use
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Over 125 reports
  • No set-up fees or contracts
  • Support is no additional cost
  • Real time claim submission

CollaborateMD user reviews are available at the link above.

Office Ally

Office Ally offers not only free clearinghouse service, but also free practice management medical claims billing software – it’s actually an online service accessible via browser. We haven’t used their medical practice billing software but have heard good comments about their free clearinghouse service.

Here’s some of the features of the free Practice Mate medical billing practice management software:

  • Supports multiple providers in either a single or multiple locations.
  • Can create custom superbills.
  • Free set-up with unlimited training via phone.
  • Create reports in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.
  • Certified HIPAA compliant.
  • Integrated credit card processing capability.
  • Send claims electronically or via paper. There is a per claims charge for printing paper claims.

Office Ally is able to offer free service due to the fees paid by the insurance carriers. Most clearinghouses chose to charge additional fees for their services, but Office Ally chooses not to.

Their medical billing practice management software may not have all the bells and whistles and advanced features of other software, but if you are just starting a medical billing service or setting up a practice, Office Ally is a very economical solution from a reputable source – and it certainly meets the criteria of being a cheap medical billing software.

Speedy Claims
If you just need a very basic way to create electronic or paper claims, Speedy Claims is your answer for a cheap medical billing software. It’s a simple file and print PC based application costing $249. It’s suited for the practice or billing service that has a single PC where claims are input. Extra licenses can be purchased if needed.

All claims entered are saved in the “Claims List” that allows tracking of claims.

Here’s highlights of Speedy Claim:

  • Simple entry process; View the CMS 1500 on your screen, fill in the blanks and hit print or send electronically.
  • Once set up for your practice, any field or setting can be automatically completed. With every claim your information is saved for reuse. Reoccurring patient claims are completed with one click.
  • Full year of automatic software updates.

It’s easy to create electronic claims with Speedy Claims. You enter the claims as you normally do and instead of clicking on the printer button you click on the electronic claims button.

Speedy Claims has excellent reviews (5 Stars) from over 160 users.

EZ Claim
EZClaim Advanced is a cost effective and easy to use medical claims billing software and scheduling practice management system. They offer different options but the most likely for billing service or small practice is EZClaim Advanced. It costs $395 with a web hosting remote web based option for $49/month paper claims, $148/month clearinghouse billing – per provider. Appointment scheduler and additional logins can be added for $30/month each.

Some of the notable features of EZClaim Advanced are:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Electronic billing either to clearinghouse or direct to carrier.
  • Web based option.
  • Variety of reports for claim management.
  • Easy data entry with fields that match the CMS-1500 forms.

My Client Plus

My Client Plus is an economical web based medical billing and practice management software tailored to mental health billing. Pricing is only $19.95 per month with no limit to the number of clients and patients – a very attractive solution for those looking for a cheap medical billing software solution. They also offer in partnership with Healthconnx web based scheduling and the ability to process credit cards and make ACH bank transfers.

Here’s highlights of My Client Plus:

  • Submit claims electronically.
  • Supports multiple office locations.
  • Simultaneous users for any PC.
  • Additional $10 a month for unlimited electronic insurance billing.
  • No set-up, cancellation, or transaction fees.
  • HIPAA Security compliant.
  • Easy to use from any browser.

My Client Plus caters to individual or group practices emphasizing behavioral, occupational, speech, and physical specialties. has a cheap medical billing software that offers basic claim filing for all major specialties. Claims can be submitted electronically to just about any commercial payer or Medicare. Cost is free for the first two months, no setup fee. Monthly cost is $19 per provider, an additional $15 a month for the scheduler. Paper claims and patient statements are an additional cost each plus first class postage. allows the import of patient demographics from either a Comma-Separated Value (.CSV) or Excel (.XLS) file. Patient statements can be sent via their contracted provider if desired for an extra cost. of 22 cents plus first class postage each.

They also offer an attractive claim follow up reporting capability as well as standard practice management reports for analyzing practice performance. For no extra cost document scanning is included which allows quick access to reference documents.

Other benefits:

  • Unlimited free training via phone, email, or online.
  • Ability to process claims for surgery centers and hospitals.
  • Can export your data in .CSV format.
  • No set up fees. Can cancel service with 30 day notification.
  • Data is backed up nightly.

Other Features To Consider
Just about any feature you ask for when shopping for cheap medical billing software, the sales folks are going to tell you “Yes”. So ask for a demo of the feature(s) or where to find it.

Keystroke shortcuts
In our medical billing service, a software’s shortcut capabilities can really cut down on keystrokes and mouse clicks – which makes us faster and more efficient. Keep in mind the tasks you perform a lot when using your billing claim medical software, and look for those capabilities when shopping.

Access to data
If (or when) you decide to change health insurance claim software, can you export the database in a neutral format to import into your new medical claims billing software? Some software providers make this very painful, time consuming, and expensive – or such that you have to hire someone to convert the database.

Some providers of cheap medical billing software require you to use their clearinghouse services or its embedded in their software. This is how they are able to offer their billing claim medical software so cheap. Its nice to be able to chose your clearinghouse – that way if you’re not pleased with it you can switch.

Cheap medical billing software may come with little or no support. Think about how you will resolve issues the arise with their software. Some of the problems we have had with our medical coding and billing software are during upgrades or getting set up with a clearinghouse. There have also been file format issues with our claim files when sending to the clearinghouse. These kinds of problems can stop a billing service or practice in their tracks and cost you a lot of time and money to resolve.

Patient Statements
Does the medical claims billing software have the capability to create an electronic patient statement file that can be uploaded or processed by a third party. Many clearinghouses offer patient statement processing. You simply create patient statements as you normally would but instead of printing to paper, you print to an electronic file.

You then upload the file and the printing service creates professional looking patient statements, puts them in an envelope, and mails to the patients. When you consider the time and postage savings, this is a great service to use.

Security and Auditing
WIth HIPAA privacy and security standards, you need billing compliant hipaa medical software. This allows you to restrict access and view logs of software usage and access. Audit logs should show who logged on, when, and what they accessed.

Cheap medical billing software should also be able to accommodate the HIPAA mandated fields such as NPI, ICD-10, and future plan and healthcare ID’s.

Payment Posting
Many new health insurance claim software programs have the ability to post Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). This is basically an electronic version of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB). This feature allows you to post payments from insurance companies electronically saving much time and effort as posting insurance payments is a tedious process.

Share Your Software Experiences or Comments
If you have comments or experiences you would like to share with any of of these software providers – or any others, please share them with us on our Your Comments & Questions Page.

When shopping for cheap medical billing software, keep in mind you may have to make compromises when compared to more expensive medical practice billing software.

They may not have the reporting capabilities or the ability to customize reports, some ease-of-use features, or the ability to interface with other applications such as EMR, advanced claim tracking and management features, or ERA posting. So you’ll want to determine what features are most important for your situation when selecting a cheap medical billing software.

You’re just trying to find the best medical billing software for your situation that will allow you to get the billing done.

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