Are there dental insurance programs that you can purchase to do dental insurance billing from home?

by Brittney
(South San Francisco,ca)

I was interested in starting up my own business from home with dental insurance billing. I am currently looking into how might I start this. I was wondering perhaps if you knew how I could start.


When I first got started, I purchased a Dental practice management software called PractiSoft – and I still have it. My intent was to offer Dental and Medical billing. But when I talked to others in billing they were having a hard time convincing Dentists to outsource their billing.

I just never pursued dental because I learned billing for other specialties and had my hands full with them.

For some reason Dentists seem to be more reluctant to give up their billing functions. I haven’t done any dental billing but understand it has the added complexity of having to many times provide (or attach) patient treatment info such as x-rays in addition to the claims.

I think there’s a great opportunity in dental billing – especially if you have some experience in dental. I understand many still submit paper claims.

Thanks for the question and good luck.