Advice on Managing a team of medical billers

by Amanda
(Wilmington, NC)


I work on a team of medical billers that handle data entry only into Brighttree – we have a daily quote that each individual is expected to meet – but only one person meets it.

Do you have any advice for motivating or increasing productivity?

Thank You!


Great question Amanda.

I understand your frustration in trying to meet productivity quota’s.

It sounds like your team already knows what the daily quota is – so the expectations have been established.

A few things I would suggest that may help (I know every situation and personality is different):

  • Make sure expectations are clear as far as what is expected and when it is expected – sounds like you already have this covered.
  • Explain the rewards of meeting quota’s and the consequences of not meeting them. May want to set some stretch goals and offer small rewards – or celebrations – for meeting them.
  • Recognize those who meet their goals and expectations.
  • Stay engaged and see what issues and challenges your team has. One thing I notice about people is that when they see their management cares – and will help them work through issues – they are more productive and happier.
  • For employees that struggle to apply themselves, I’ll set all the claims I would like them to complete in a day (or half a day) and say something like “I’d like to see how much of this you can complete today – we really need to get these out today.” Then maybe check in with them periodically and see if they have any problems.

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think threats really work – and that’s not my personality. I’ve always felt people respond better to encouragement – but that’s just me.

I also realize that all employees are different and respond differently depending on their personality – so some of these suggestions will work better than others. But in some form I’ve tried these with employees before and has some success.

Hope this helps – Thanks,