Want to Start Dental Billing From Home

by Sheila
(Washington DC/ Virginia)


I am interested in starting dental billing from home and need some guidelines. I have been doing dental billing for a dental office for the past 7 years and would like to start my own. I am nervous and need some guidelines.

I don't know what software to get and how to get office to trust me. Do I start giving offices some free billing to get their business? Also is there a success rate for dental billing or do dentist prefer to do it in house ? How do I charge my clients? I appreciate you help.




When we first started I intended to offer dental billing services - we even purchased PractiSoft software for dental billing. My thinking was that because of the shear number of dentists, there would be many opportunities. But after soliciting dental practices - mostly through mail - we didn’t get any response.

The owner of a billing service I eventually went to work for advised me that dental required sending image files in addition to the claims which made it a more complicated and labor intensive process. Also many peoples dental insurance usually has higher deductibles and patient responsible that by the time you billed insurance and the patient, the payments weren't as high and therefore the compensation wasn’t as high. This combined with the additional labor really just didn’t make it worth it. Again that was just our experience and the market we were in.

Getting a doctors (or dentist's) to outsource their billing is one of the biggest challenges in this business. Having some experience in the field is a big plus in that you can sell your experience and the results you've delivered working for a practice. Offering free billing or other services for a short amount of time on a trial basis is a good idea also if you can afford to.

When we were trying to enlist dentists, I noticed dentists were reluctant to outsource their billing. I think maybe they feel it was more economical to keep billing in house and with the additional documentation required by many insurers, it also makes it more difficult to outsource unless the billing service has access to medical records - and most dental offices probably haven’t implemented Electronic Medical Records Software.

That being said given your knowledge and experience in dental billing, you may want to consider offering other services to dental practices. Selling and servicing dental practice management software is possibility - most practices need help with the installation, training, upgrades, etc. There’s also EMR software. And HIPAA compliance is an area many practices may be deficient in. Try to think of anything when you were billing for dental that the practice needed but didn’t have the expertise or time to do - those are areas where offering consulting services is an opportunity. Another possibility is insurance or patient accounts payable. Many practices don’t have the time or resources to pursue this and would be happy if at least some of the $ could be recovered.

With regard to choosing dental software at the time we really didn’t find much in the way of software reviews or user info on dental software to give us much guidance - we just downloaded some demos and checked them out. These days I would defer to someone like the folks at Software Advice to make some recommendations and save the time and effort.

Hope this helps answer your question and gives you some insight based on our experiences.



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Oct 26, 2016
Seeking to setup Business
by: Bobbie Dudley

I have over 25 plus years working as Claims Examiner, claim processor, Financial Counselor,Biller,Coder, Patient Account Representative,Collector AND self pay accounts. I have knowledge of Inpatient and outpatient claims collections,working rejections,denials re-billing to MEDICARE, BCBS, MEDICAID AND ALL COMMERICAL INSURANCE CARRIER, on HCFA and UB insurance forms. I also have certification working with companies knowledge of HIPAA and all policies,guidelines,and their procedures.I have certification on powerful telephone skills, effective utilization of analysisand reasoningto provide solutions to issues. I have computer skills experience using Bases Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, McKesson, Zirmed and Kinnsers, Epic or any system. My mission is to apply my knowledge, and experiences in useful ways to promote an individual grow within a business My value are to provide excellent professional service and good quality of work.

Sep 22, 2016
Billing - Try Dentrix
by: Anonymous

Try Dentrix. Also if using a clearinghouse try dental exchange and also look into NEA. They work with the clearinghouse and make it easier to send x-rays and narratives or chart notes or other documents to the insurance companies.

Mar 22, 2016
Dental billing from home
by: Anonymous

I am interested to start billing from home i have 7 years exp in dental billing.. is any one to give work for me. present we are using citrix software..

Oct 21, 2014
Dental software for private billing
by: Anonymous

I know this is late in the game compared to the other comments, but I just recently started investigating starting my own Dental billing company. I have 11+ years of dental experience and have worked with 5 different dental software's.

I'd recommend Dentimax as a software to investigate. They have a remote server or you can download the system and use your own server. It is a very easy to learn program and does everything you would need it to, along with being cheap!! Good luck to you-

Jul 02, 2013
Billing Software
by: Indian

I am working as a programmer in a medical billing company Chennai(India). I can develop a lightweight medical billing software as per your need. Using high end java programming i can give you a fully loaded handy software which got all the necessary tools required for the entire medical billing process.

About me: I started my carrier as a caller , because of my interest in software i pushed my self into programming side. I am person who got both medical billing knowledge and programming skill.

I can give you the best software solution at a affordable rate for your total business.


Mar 20, 2013
Digital dental records
by: Anonymous

I have been working in the dental field for 20 years. I have my own dental staffing company and would like to incorporate billing services to it. I have read your other responses in regards to dental billing , which require most of the time dental x-rays,period charts (etc). A lot of dental offices are digital now and if allowed you can remote in on their computers to get additional information required for submitting claims. I am also looking for a good software to start up with , what do recommend? Also i am considering using a clearing house such as Renaissance to transmit claims and for patient insurance eligibility. Any advice is greatly appreciated for me getting started with this new service that i will be offering soon for my clients.

Jan 07, 2013
Dental Billing Software
by: Anonymous

Try Dentrix or Eaglesoft.

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