Transfering a client from one billing software to Kareo

by Joanne P.

Hi Gina, I have a potential new client who is using a 3rd party biller, but is unhappy and wishes to make a change. She would like to contract with me and I recommend Kareo PM.

She does not wish to transfer the current demographics, etc. over from her current company to Kareo. My questions is -- what is the best way to end with one billing company and begin anew?

Would we request a detailed AR report so that we know what is currently outstanding? We need to make this as seamless a process as possible. I appreciate any feedback you may offer.

Thanks so much!

Joanne P.



I sympathize with you. Converting from another practice management system is a lot of work. We've been in the same situation before but were not able to get any info from the previous billing service. In that case we just had to enter the patient demographics into the new system as we entered their claims - basically starting from scratch.

It created a lot of work for us. You may want to keep this in mind when pricing your services. Or consider charging a setup or transition fee that helps cover your extra effort.

If you can get an electronic copy of the patient demographics and insurance list - actually everything possible in a common format that could possibly be imported into Kareo or the PM system you choose. I noticed Kareo offers data importing services priced depending on the format, the kind of data, etc. The most common formats are .CSV, .XLS, .TXT, and Microsoft Access .MDB.

If you have access to the old practice management system you can export this yourself. Even if you don't import it into Kareo, you can format and extract what you need if you are (or know someone who does) proficient with Microsoft Excel.

Sometimes these data conversions or imports into the new PM system can be incomplete or put data in the wrong place. Maybe they have changed or improved the last few years but we never had much success importing data.

If you can't get any electronic export files, I would suggest getting as many paper reports as possible from the current billing service. The AR report is a good start. I would also try to get a patient demographics report and an insurance company listing if possible. I know you are in a difficult position since you depend on their cooperation. Sometimes if they are not on good terms with your client, that may be difficult.

Good luck Joanne. Hope it goes well.

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