Time Away From Work

by Blanca
(The Colony, TX)

Hi Gina,

My name is Blanca, and I'm definitely looking into starting my own medical billing business from home. I have found your website to be very helpful, so I thank you for all of the information you have provided. I do have a question: I'm not sure if you started billing on your own, or if you had help from the very beginning, but I'd like to know what you did when you needed to take time off for a vacation or so. Did the work just pile up until you got back, or did you have someone else do it for you? I'm planning on starting all on my own, but I do have a trip that was planned quite some time ago, so I don't know quite how to handle that. Thanks so much for your time.


Great question Blanca -

When I first started I didn't have anyone to help - it was just me. Since I was responsible for making sure claims were entered and submitted, I took my laptop with me on vacation just so things didn't pile up and to submit claims every night - that my assistant enters during the day.

If it's a busy practice that needs to have claims entered and filed daily, it's to train a back up person while you are away. That can keep the claims going nightly and the posting of payments caught up.

With the ability to send documents electronically (securely of course) our office can send info regardless of where I'm at. Technology really has made it easier to work from just about anywhere. Our billing software is on a server that can be logged into remotely.

So I can have all the daily info I need to enter and post. Most practices do understand that everyone needs a break to get away every once in a while. They just want to know that their practice will not be neglected when I'm away.

Since I have grown my business, I do have staff that can assist daily and they are capable of handling the affairs of the office while I am away - or God forbid an illness arise that you must have back-up.

I will tell you that during the first years of business, my vacations were not a lot of days at one time - I think the max being 4 days to run to the beach so everything could stay on task.....

I hope this answers your questions Blanca.

Thanks for visiting the site and good luck.


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