Superbills for referred services from outside facilities

by Allyssa
(San Jose, CA, USA)

Here is the scenario: I referred a patient for imaging at an outside facility.

The fee was paid by the patient out of pocket at the time of service, and paid to the imaging facility itself.

I supply superbills to the patient for services rendered in the office as I am out-of-network, and the patient is wondering if he can to get reimbursed for the imaging.

I don't think I can add the imaging fee to a superbill as I did not render the service, nor was the service fee paid to me...but I though I'd seek somte advice, as the imaging facility is proving difficult to communicate with.

The imaging facility does take if I can't add the fee for the imaging I referred the patient to get to a superbill I provide, I imagine the imaging facility might be able to give him one...if I ever get a hold of their billing department...

Some advice would be SO greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I agree with you. I think the provider or facility rendering services would supply the superbill since they are the ones receiving payment.

I encourage others to add there comments. Thanks - Gina

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