QUESTION::Trying to get started on my Home-Based-Billing Company....

by Natalie P
(Altoona, PA)

When you finally find a client, and you are now they're medical-biller, from home, how do you get all the patient information you are going to need? Are they supposed to supply me with a billing sheet (superbill) and patient information sheet?(i was an in-house biller previously, so everything I needed was already in the computer, copies of insurance cards, patients dob, ssn, etc)

Should they fax me this information, or should I go pick it up (if it's a local company of course). I'm just not really sure how I am to get all of the information I am going to need.

Another questions is, would it be appropriate to ask the client for a list of their current dx and procedure codes they use??

Thank you so much! I have found your website to be so helpful.



I’ve received the info both via fax and electronically - scanned. We keep the fax in a secure location so nobody can access the patient info if unattended - we have to be HIPAA compliant. A busy practice will usually fax on a daily basis - superbill and new patient information sheet and insurance info. If they receive EOB’s we get copies of those also for posting.

If you are starting from scratch and using your own software you would need the existing patient info - it would probably be easier to print a report from their software of active patients if possible. That way they wouldn’t have to send this info every time for existing patients - just new ones.

I have also picked up the superbills, patient info, and EOB’s for small practices where the client doesn’t see a lot of patients. If its a busy practice - even if it’s local - it’s still easier to receive via fax daily because going by there everyday can use up more than an hour every day.

Regarding the procedure codes and dx - I certainly think it’s appropriate to ask for a list. It could be beneficial to them if you discover out of date codes - and that’s info that helps you.

Hope this helps - thanks for visiting the site!


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