Medical Billing Forms


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Over 40 Helpful Medical Billing Forms

+ BONUS Terms Dictionary

Includes the following forms in one ZIP file:

  • Appeal Letter Template
  • Appointment Reminder Card Template
  • Appointment Sheet in 15 Minute Increments
  • Appointment Tracker
  • Claim Tracking Log Spreadsheet
  • CMS-1500 Form (PDF)
  • CMS-1500 Form Instruction Manual (PDF)
  • Copay Sign
  • Daily Appointment Log
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Health Information Release Authorization
  • HIPAA Checklist
  • HIPAA Disclosure
  • HIPAA Complaint Form
  • Insurance Payment Tracking
  • Insurance Preauthorization Request
  • Insurance Payment Tracking
  • Insurance Verification
  • Medical History
  • Medication History
  • Medication & Surgery History
  • Missed Appointment Log
  • New Patient Form
  • Office Forms Tracker
  • Patient Information Form
  • Patient Responsibility Insurance Sign
  • Patient Sign In Sheet 1
  • Patient Sign In Sheet 2
  • Patient Sign In Sheet 3
  • Patient Sign In Sheet 4
  • Payment Log
  • Payment Policy
  • PHI Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Policy
  • Phone Consultation Form
  • Physician Referral Form 1
  • Physician Referral Form 2
  • Practice Management Software Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Privacy Practices Acknowledgment Form
  • Return To Work Form
  • Sample Collection Letter Template
  • Superbill Template

Unless otherwise noted these are all in Microsoft Word format.


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