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Here's a collection of Medical Billing Books on everything from the basics of billing, "how-to" for common billing forms, specialty billing, enrollment, starting a medical billing business, and marketing.

Below are several helpful books on billing - whether you're just getting started with medical billing and coding, starting or operating a medical billing business, or already have an established career in medical billing.

I've also included Medical Coding Books that I've found are great references.

Remember no book or program will make you successful – that comes from you. Drive, passion, and persistence along with good resources like the medical billing books listed below will result in your success.

Even as an experienced medical billing business owner, I've found the books on medical billing below authored by Alice Scott and Michele Redmond (the Blue ones) are still relevant for me. These ladies share their extensive knowledge of medical billing in an easy to read format.

Most of these medical billing books are available electronically (eBooks) so they can be delivered immediately - no waiting!

How To Succeed In The Medical Billing Business

95 Honest Answers to Your Most Popular Questions

If you would like honest straight forward answers on starting a profitable and successful home based billing business - this might be the most important book you can read.

We answer the most important questions everyone has:

  • How much can you make?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do I have to know about billing and coding?
  • How do you get clients?

Based on our experiences starting and operating a successful medical billing business. Learn from our mistakes. We spent over $3000 on training materials and software we never used - and didn't need.

Includes FREE bonus Medical Billing Terminology reference ebook.

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Medical Insurance Coverage - Proper Payment Posting & Accounting

Understanding Medical Office Forms

The Medical Insurance Verification Process

Understanding HIPAA - The Privacy Act

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Basics of Medical Billing - A Must Read From The Receptionist to The Doctor in Any Medical Office!

Learn The Basics of Medical Billing

One of the few good basic Medical Billing Books that provide a good foundation in explaining what Medical Billing is all about and the details of the billing process. It leaves out all of the fluff, and only covers what you actually need to know. It explains the basics of medical insurance billing in simple terms so that everyone can understand it. "The Basics of Medical Billing" is also of benefit for any office interested in improving their efficiency!

Easy Step by Step Instructions to Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms!

Simple Step by Step Instructions For Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms!

A simple guide for filling out the CMS 1500 form! Line by line, and box by box instructions. No more guessing how to fill in this form, and getting your claims denied! Written for the average person in down to earth language to help you avoid the mistakes that cause claims to be denied or paid incorrectly.

Denials, Appeals & Adjustments

Denials, Appeals & Adjustments
This medical billing book is a great reference for explaining many of the most common denial codes. It provides a step by step guide for how to handle each denial to take it to it's final completion. Explains when an appeal is necessary and how to file one, clearly explaining when to file an adjustment to a claim and how this differs from an appeal. 100 page ebook that Includes appeal and adjustment forms you can use in your office to file your appeals as well as instructs on how to write formal appeal letter with examples.

Medicare Enrollment - Completing the 855I

Medicare Enrollment - Completing the 855I Form
Need to complete a Medicare enrollment application correctly and promptly? This medical billing book is an extremely valuable resource that shows you how to complete 855I forms from start to finish! Every time a provider moves or changes tax ID, it is necessary to complete a new Medicare application. This can be a very time consuming and confusing process. If you currently operate a medical billing service, you have the potential to substantially increase earnings and add new clients by offering credentialing services to complete Medicare enrollment forms. There are a lot of providers are willing to pay to have this done by a someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in credentialing.

12 Keys To Increased Wealth in Your Medical Billing Business

12 Keys To Your Medical Billing Success!

Great ideas and how-to on starting and building a successful Medical Billing Business. When I read Alice and Michele's book, I find myself nodding in agreement so much. They obviously know what they are talking about as evidenced by their successful business. Learn how to find new doctors and what the “Porsche Drawer” effect is.

Advanced Medical Billing Marketing for the New Economy

medical billing marketing
Such a relevant book for these times! The Newest marketing book with effective ideas for your medical billing service. Whether you're a new billing service just starting out or an established one trying to grow in this challenging economy.

This 84 page book does a great job explaining why this is a great time to start a medical billing service in this economy and the opportunities it presents. It gives you new fresh ideas for getting appointments, signing up new clients, and teaches you new methods that are more effective and quicker than traditional marketing techniques.

Pricing Your Medical Billing Service

Pricing Your Medical Billing Service

A must read for pricing your services for those just starting a business and the established medical billing service. This book can really help you choose the best method for pricing your services. Gives real world examples and experiences we can really relate to - so you won't have to make the same mistakes. The stories and antidotes really hit home!

Work From Home in Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business!

Start Your Own Medical Billing Business

Covers all aspects of Medical Billing. An ideal book whether you want to start your own business or have and established business. Learn from Alice and Michele's experience and mistakes. You can't go wrong with this book.

Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor

Learn The Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor!

You've just started your medical billing business but don't know how to get your first doctor? I've been in business several years and still refer to this helpful book. Simple guidelines to follow that will help you prepare before meeting face to face with clients and increase your chances of successfully landing a client.

Write a Kick Butt Contract For Your Medical Billing Service!

Write a Contract For Your Medical Billing Service

A comprehensive 82 page guide to writing a contract for your medical billing service. Information on contracts, Errors & Omission insurance, compliance plans, as well as a whole section on pricing for your medical billing business.

Medical Billing Home Business in a Box!

Medical Billing Home Business in a Box! Medical Billing Home Business in a Box! This is a great deal – I wish it was available when I was getting started. It sure would have saved me a ton of time and money. This is a collection of medical billing books that includes the following:
  • How to Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business
  • 12 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Medical Billing Business
  • How To Complete a CMS 1500 (HCFA 1500) Completely and Correctly - Line By Line Box By Box
  • Secrets to Signing Up Your First Doctor
  • Basics of Medical Billing
  • Getting Started Workbook
  • "Big Pack" of Completed CMS 1500 Practice Forms
  • 50 Blank New CMS 1500 Forms
  • Plus 3 special reports
This comprehensive library of medical billing books will provide you a solid foundation.
Medical Billing Live also offers Special Medical Billing Discount Packages which include combinations of books at a discount price customized for your situation.

Chiropractic Billing Made Easy - Everything you need to know to bill for your services!

Chiropractic Billing Made Easy

A complete guide to the unique requirements of chiropractic billing. Has everything you need to know to properly & thoroughly bill for Chiropractic Services.

Introduction To Mental Health Billing

Medical Billing for Mental Health Made Easy

A guide to the unique billing requirements for Mental Health. Everything you need to know to properly & thoroughly bill for Mental Health!

Quick and Easy Guide to Filling Out The UB04 Forms Line by Line, and Box by Box!

Simple Step by Step Instructions For Filling Out The UB04 Forms!

Simple easy to understand instructions for completing the UB04 forms correctly. Simple line by line and box by box instructions for completely filling out a UB04 form.

Take Your Medical Billing Business to The Next Level!

Take Your Medical Billing Business To The Next Level!

It's one thing to start a business. Learn how to grow your business efficiently and effectively. After you've started your medical billing business, you're ready to grow. From going full time to hiring employees.

Special Medical Billing Discount Packages!

Medical Billing Live also offers Discount Packages of Medical Billing Books which include combinations of the above books at a discount:

Understanding Health Insurance

This was the first book I purchased when getting into medical billing. It's probably one of the most comprehensive references to Health Insurance Billing available. I still refer to this after 10 years in the business. Probably one of the best investments a medical biller can make.

Medical billing book subjects can range from medical billing and coding to specific instructions for medical claims billing to starting a medical billing business.

Conventional books from traditional sources are now being challenged but ebooks. Medical billing books delivered electronically are popular as you can download your book in electronic form instantly. These are typically in PDF format but can also be in the standard word processing format.

We offer two free medical billing books on our Free Stuff page; A Medical Billing Terms Glossary and a Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide - both 15 page PDF books. There's also an Insurance Claim Flowchart to help explain the claim process in graphical terms. These don't offer the kind of detail given in the books listed above, but they do hopefully complement them.

Consider The Author
An important consideration before purchasing a medical billing book is the source and author. Examine the credentials of the author or any testimonials or feedback from others who have purchased their books. Any reputable author should share their credentials and accomplishments.

Whats the authors background? Do they have real experience in the medical billing or coding field or are they just trying to sell you something?

That's why I recommend the medical billing books above from Alice and Michele. These ladies have been in the trenches of starting an operating a medical billing business. And their writing reflects it - practical, to the point, easy to understand, and applicable.

It's hard to find one comprehensive book that covers all the topics in medical billing. Introductory or basic books should cover topics like the terminology, how claims are processed, different types of insurers, HIPAA, what codes are and how they are used, etc.

It should include a good description of the billing process, responsibilities, and what to expect as a medical billing specialist.

If wanting to start a home business, get a book written by someone who has started a successful billing business or currently operates one. Their advice will be a lot more valuable than someone who writes a book about starting any business and tries to apply it to medical billing. The unique challenges and character of medical billing can only be explained by someone who has experienced it.

Look for medical billing books with useful information on contracts (this could be a separate book in itself), pricing your services, how much you can expect to make, whats required to start a business, software, clearinghouses, etc.

Marketing Your Services
Marketing a medical billing business is a topic worthy of a book on its own. It's one of the most important aspects to a successful medical billing business. A book that gives good marketing ideas and advice (like Alice & Michele’s above) is invaluable. Getting clients is one of the biggest challenges when starting a medical billing business.

Learning techniques to convince a doctor to give your billing service a chance is invaluable. Good marketing books should have innovative marketing techniques, how to find clients and what they want to hear, what to say when you meet with a doctor or office manager, and services to offer to distinguish you from the competition.

In summary if you want to learn about all the different facets of billing, obtain good books from reputable authors and plan on using multiple resources to reach your career objectives - whether to get a steady job or start a business.

Medical Billing Books

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