2014 Medical Billing and Coding Salary Survey
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Thanks to all who contributed to the 2014 Medical Billing and Coding Salary Survey. This is for both Medical Billing and Medical Coding Salaries. We've compiled salary data from different sources on our medical billing and coding salary page. But it lacked something -You!

Many medical billing salary surveys from the popular salary websites are extrapolations or estimates so it's hard to get an understanding of how real they are. For example the closest category the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has for billing and coding data is for medical records technicians.

All responses were anonymous and the survey results were updated with all submissions received thru 2014.

We hope the results have been helpful to you in understanding what you are worth and compare to others in the field.

Your response has been tremendous - Thank You!

2014 Medical Billing and Coding Salary Survey Results

The results given below are through 2014.

Average Annual Salary $35,738

Salary Range

Highest: $72,000

Lowest: $5,000

Actually $0 was the lowest submitted salary but we didn't include so as not to skew the results. This is most likely unemployed respondents or those just starting a business.

Average Years Experience: 7.8

Experience ranges from 0 to 25 years.

The higher salaries as you would expect tended to be from those in management, consultants, or business owners.

30% of respondents were certified. 62% were CPC but a few were CMRS, CCS, or RHIA.

Primary Duties:

  • 44.2% Primarily Billing
  • 28.3% Both Coding and Billing
  • 4.4% Auditing
  • 6.2% Management
  • 5.3% Other (Education, Consulting, Coding, etc.)

Size of Employer:

  • 42% Small (Less than 10 Employees)
  • 20% Medium (Between 10 & 50 Employees)
  • 20% Large (More than 50 Employees)
  • 9.7% Solo Provider

Type of Employer

  • 20.3% Billing Service
  • 24.8% Hospital
  • 21.2% Physicians Office
  • 5.3% Clinic
  • 7.1% Outpatient Facility
  • 3.5% Self Employed
  • 7.1% Other/Consultant/Unemployed

Note: The percentages don't always add up to 100% because not everybody responded to all the questions.

An interesting statistic - 21% of respondents said they work from home. That's almost 1/4 of the survey.

Again THANK YOU for your valuable time. It’s because of you that this site is able to continue. As we get more submissions we'll identify other important trends and contributing factors.

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