by James Ellison
(Seattle, WA)

I started my medical billing business 18 months ago. I had little money to start with, so I've done almost all my marketing through cold calls. I now have 3 P/T clients and a $300.00/mo income, I also have lot's of providers who are "thinking about it" Any suggestions on how I can get some of these people off the fence, and actually sign up?? This is not much to show for 8,000+ cold calls.


I certainly understand your frustration in spending so much time and money to get such results. I had a similar experience with one of my first clients.

I’ve had some success in going after one of the “pain points” that many practices have; unpaid or rejected claims. I did this for about 3 months for one client who ended up being my largest one. The practice had a significant amount of outstanding lost revenue in unpaid claims. It gave me an opportunity to get comfortable with me and show them that I could get results.

I haven’t tried this yet but have heard of those who have had success with offering a short free training course for a providers staff on a current topic. This could be something like HIPAA, ICD-10, tips for getting claims paid and collecting from patients up front, meaningful use, etc. A possible venue would be to provide a catered lunch and a short (1 hour) presentation with question & answer. This would take some preparation and investment but would allow a good opportunity to develop contacts relativity quickly.

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