About Gina

Hi - My name is Gina Wysor. That's me on the right with my precious boys. I operate a medical billing company out of my home - Advanced Reimbursement Solutions.

My experiences starting and operating a business inspired my husband and I to create this web site. I got started in medical billing working for a billing company owned by a friend. This helped me learn a lot about medical billing and coding as well as the business end of things.

Like most who start a business, I really wanted the freedom to make a good income working from home and to be there when my boys got off the bus.

I have no formal education past high school and yet was able to start a business from home that contributes to our family income. I don't say that to brag - but just to emphasize that there's nothing "special" about me. (OK - I did get my electrical engineer husband to help me with some of the technical stuff.)

What A Journey
It's been such a journey worth making. I've experienced the whole spectrum of emotions - laughter, sorrow, anger, self pity - you name it. All the emotions that come with trying to get a business off the ground.

Succeeding in this business meant I had to overcome a lot of insecurities about having no knowledge of operating a business - I just did it. I felt kind of dumb at the time with the questions I asked. When I was looking for an answer - I picked up the phone and asked - whether it had to do with claim filing, software, pricing my services, or how to deal with difficult clients or employees.

All the things we've learned starting a medical billing service business we've tried to document on this site in hopes that others would benefit from it. We've also expanded the site to include info on getting a job, training, software, and starting a home business. Whether you're considering starting a career or starting a business I wanted to be real and transparent so that what we've learned may be of help to someone else wanting to get into medical billing.

Thanks To My Husband
Thanks to my husband Conrad (that's him and me on the left) for helping me with my business endeavor and also in creating this site. Running a business and keeping up with kids, it's sometimes hard for me to find time for it all.

Conrad is an engineer with bachelors degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as a masters in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee. My dear husband has been a great help with all the computer and software issues I encounter with my business as well helping me build this website.

All content on this site is written by either Gina or Conrad. To contact us please do so on our Contact Us page.

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